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VOCs and Redesigning Liquid Solutions – Part 3

post From werner buchmann, director of chemical r&d

At Legend Brands we continuously review all federal and state laws to ensure our products are in compliance. Regulations for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cleaning products have existed for decades but they are now becoming increasingly stringent.

Many states are updating their VOC regulations for 2024, and these new rules will affect additional chemical categories such as air fresheners, bed bug insecticides, furniture polishes, laundry products, and even sanitizers and disinfectants—to name a few.

What are VOCs and why are they bad?

The US legal definition of "VOC" is specific to volatile compounds that are precursors to smog. Solvents and fragrances that evaporate and then are broken down by the sun’s ultraviolet rays can accumulate over time in the atmosphere and create smog. Thus, the goal of these regulations is to decrease the amount of pollution in our outdoor environment.

However, this legal definition of VOCs can be misleading since it only addresses outdoor air quality. While many cleaning products comply with VOC regulations, they can still be indoor air pollutants; they are not acutely toxic, but they may still have long-term chronic health effects.

Good stewardship to your lives and our environment is important beyond the existing governmental regulations, and Legend Brands R&D Laboratory continuously works to develop products that are safer for our environment and customers and that are also top tier performers.

What's new with liquid products?

We have improved all your liquid products by adding new technologies, increasing the safety by replacing old noncompliant raw materials with new technologies, extending their shelf-life and improving cleaning performance.

Rest assured that when you buy Legend Brands products, you have the safest and the best of the best products in the market today. We are driven by innovation, to do what is right and to always do our best!

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