Tips & Tricks/10.27.23

Redesigning Cleaning Solutions – Part 1

post From werner buchmann, director of chemical r&d

With regulatory constraints becoming more stringent and novel ideas emerging in chemistry, Legend Brands has seized the opportunity to “redesign” our cleaning solutions.

Raw materials that once were well accepted are now banned or restricted in several US states. New regulations on solvents, surfactants, preservatives, fluorinated polymers, etc. are changing how cleaning products are formulated.

Prompted by these recent changes, raw materials manufacturers have developed new and exciting chemistry, which Legend Brands has used to develop state-of-the-art products that deliver best-in-class performance. Un-Duz-It Unleashed, Ultrapac Extreme, Ink Exit and powder All Fiber Rinse are clear examples of what these new technologies can deliver.

We have also incorporated many of these new technologies into older products to make them perform better and comply with state and federal regulations.

In fact, we have improved the performance of 142 of our products while making them safer for the end user and the environment.

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