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Ultrapac® Extreme

  • 112252 (8.695-714.0) - Four 6 lb. / 2.7 kg jars
  • 119342 (8.695-715.0) - One 40 lb. / 18.1 kg pail
  • 114339 (8.695-716.0) - One 320 lb. / 145.0 kg drum
  • Product Details

    The industry's hottest ultra-powerful prespray uses state-of-the-art nanotech “micro-robots” to bind and suspend soils for fast and efficient removal. A complex buffering system keeps the pH stable, plus its new Hydrocoating Technology means it's fast-dissolving even in cold water and stable up to 212°F / 100°C. The RTU will not separate and can be stored for several weeks. Ultrapac Extreme is not just for carpets - use it on tile and grout and be amazed by the results. See the User Guide (in "Documents" below) for full instructions.

  • Specifications
    • FORM: Powder
    • RTU PH: 12.0
    • DILUTION PUMP SPRAYER: 1 scoop per gal. of water (using provided scoop)
    • DILUTION INJECTION SPRAYER: 8 scoops per 5 qts. of water (using provided scoop)
    • Legend Rewards: 400 points (case)
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  • Nano-technology outcleans other pre-sprays at an economical price
  • Hydrocoating Technology ensures fast and complete mixing even in cold water and won’t separate or in harden your Hydro-Force or other pressure applicator
  • Perfect for tile and grout also - no need to carry separate presprays. (Not recommended for soft carbonate-based stone and glazed tiles)
  • RTU solution is perfectly clear and can be stored
  • Performance is unaffected by water hardness up to 24 grains
  • Stable up to boiling temperatures use the hottest water from your truckmount to dissolve and apply the product

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