Tips & Tricks/01.12.23

What's Behind the Best Cleaning Solutions?

Highly effective cleaning chemistry is far more than the sum of its parts, so Legend Brands chemists look at how each component interacts at the molecular level instead of looking only at ingredients.

Using these micro-formulating principles, Legend Brands chemists work to control various molecules’ behavior and interactions. Sometimes chemical interactions deliver negative results and sometimes positive synergistic results.

For example, when creating Prochem® Ultrapac Extreme, Chemspec® Ink Exit and Un-Duz-It Unleashed® cleaning solutions, Legend Brands chemists worked to understand what was really happening at the molecular level so they could create superior cleaning formulations.

Also, instead of building a concentrated product and then testing its dilution ratios, Legend Brands develops product at the ready-to-use and molecular level, and then builds the product into its concentrate form.

This is a much more complicated formulation approach—especially when observing chemical molecules behavior and interactions—and what results are products that outperform the best in the market today.

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