• 116142 (8.695-103.0) - Twelve 16 oz. / 473 mL bottles
  • Product Details
    Prochem's ZOOP has a triple-strain blend of high-performance, fast-acting enzymes for superior removal and deodorization of tough protein spots such as blood, gravy, coffee creamer, baby formula, fish, eggs and other organic spills. ZOOP! spotter has a mild pH and can be used on synthetic and cellulosic carpet and upholstery fibers such as nylon, olefin, polyester and cotton, as well as a variety of hard surfaces.
    Review these Tech Tips for expert guidance on spot and stain removal.
  • Specifications
    • RTU pH: 6.0
    • Dilution: No dilution necessary
    • Storage and transport: Protect from freezing
    • Legend Rewards: 400 points (case)
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