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Unsmoke Degrease-All E

  • 122780 (161242EEE) - Four 1 gal. / 3.8 L bottles
  • Product Details

    Unsmoke Degrease-All E is a highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser for electronic equipment. Highly effective at removing smoke damage and fire related deposits. Rinses clean and leaves surfaces residue-free.

  • Specifications
    • Form: Liquid concentrate
    • RTU pH: 11.5
    • Storage and transport: Protect from freezing
    • Appearance: Transparent pink liquid
    • Flash point:
      • <200°F
      • 93.3°C
    • Specific gravity: 1.034
    • Legend Rewards: 400
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  • Features
    • Specially formulated to clean, neutralize and degrease electronic components exposed to smoke and soot
    • Fully water soluble rinses off clean and leaves no residue
    • Use in spray systems or with ultrasonic cleaning equipment

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