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Protimeter Aquant

  • 100220 (F523) - One unit
  • Product Details

    Locate moisture quickly and accurately with the Protimeter Aquant. Using Protimeter’s non-invasive radio-frequency technology, identify moisture in a wide range of materials. Detect moisture up to 0.75 inches (20 mm) below and behind surfaces.

  • Specifications
    • Display: Backlit LCD
    • Pinless (non-invasive RF) measurement range: 601000 (relative). Measures up to up to 0.75 in (19 mm) deep
    • Power: One 9V battery (included)
    • Weigh (meter with battery):
      • 7 oz
      • 195 gm
    • Legend Rewards: 100
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  • Features
    • Rugged, restoration-ready construction
    • Instant readings - large easy-to-read backlit display
    • Non-invasive system measures moisture up to ¾ in (20mm) below the surface not affected by surface moisture

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