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Peak 500

  • 106564 (72-500) - Peak 500 with 90 gal. / 341 L waste tank
  • 108092 (72-500HC) - Peak 500 with 120 gal. / 454 L waste tank.
  • Product Details

    Value-priced and 50-state CARB-compliant, this liquid-cooled unit delivers enough heat and vacuum to operate a six-jet wand flat out. Heats fast but sips fuel at only 1 gallon per hour. Lowest cost CARB-compliant machine in its class! Cerakote treatment on exhaust components reduces truckmount and van interior temps.

  • Specifications
    • Power plant: Kawasaki FD851D-DFI liquid-cooled 31 HP engine with digital fuel injection and 47.1 ft-lbs of torque operating at 3000 RPM
    • Vacuum pump: Gardner Denver TriFlow 406 positive displacement blower with vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 406 CFM
    • Solution pump: General HTXS1813S water pump producing 3.5 GPM and up to 1500 PSI at 1450 RPM
    • Heating system: Stainless steel/copper finned tube coil design with manual adjustment control. Supplemented with a plate engine coolant heat exchanger
    • Frame construction: Powder-coated aluminum box tubing
    • Dimensions:
      • Console (W × H × D): 35 × 40 × 47 in
      • 89 × 101.6 × 119.4 cm
    • Legend Rewards: 12,000
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  • Fast warm-up period and holds the heat using 6-flow wand
  • Cerakote® treated exhaust reduces radiant heat from exhaust components up to 30%
  • Economical operation: consumes only 1 gallon of gas per hour
  • Stainless steel/copper finned tube coil design with manual adjustment control. Also features a plate engine coolant heat exchanger to preheat incoming water and reduces engine coolant temperature
  • Easy to use manual temperature control
  • Corrosion-resistant all-aluminum powder coated frame
  • Engineered for easy service

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