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ODORx Crystal Odor Counteractant Professional Cherry

  • 104246 (431552901) - Twelve 6 oz. / 170 gm cans
  • Product Details

    Place-anywhere odor control canisters. Simply remove the lid and set in affected area or sprinkle the granulated product onto surfaces. Long-lasting and highly effective on tough odors.

  • Specifications
    • Form: RTU canister
    • Appearance: Black and beige granules
    • Specific gravity: ±2.5
    • Xactimate: CLNDODRCRY
    • Legend Rewards: 400
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  • Features
    • Proprietary blend of odor control essential oils and evaporative control agents in a solid crystal form
    • Individual-use canisters for convenience
    • Sprinkle across floors or placed in HVAC systems ducting
    • Inserted into difficult to reach areas such as insulation, attics and crawl spaces, and above suspended ceilings
    • C.O.C. is most effective when used within the Proven Odor Removal System

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