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HVE-LL Large Loss Extractor

  • 122468 (F573) - One unit
  • Product Details

    The high volume extraction system. Easy to operate and ready to transport via trailer, truck or pickup, the self-contained HVE-LL delivers high volume extraction wherever you need it - no electricity required! Turnkey system includes waste tank and high-capacity pumpout, pre-filter, fuel tank, hose reels and Extraction Tool. No need to permanently tie up a vehicle - simply forklift the system into a pickup or box van for deployment, or ship it by container or pod to the worksite.

  • Specifications
    • Power Plant: 20HP Kohler gasoline engine operating at 3000 RPM
    • Blower: Gardner Denver TriFlow® Tri-Lobe 406 positive displacement blower
    • Hg and Flows: Vacuum to 13 in. and flows up to 317 CFM
    • Frame: Corrosion-resistant powder coated steel
    • Belt cooling: 100 CFM through-frame air injection system
    • Waste tank: 83 gal. at shutoff. Includes 3 in. air filter
    • Waste pumpout: 44 GPM @ 3000 engine RPM
    • Dimensions (W × H × D): <div>60.0 × 51.4 × 78.4 in.</div> <div>152.4 × 130.6 × 199.0 cm</div>
    • Weight:
      • 750 lbs.
      • 340 kg
    • Included:
      • One 200 ft. section of 2 in. vacuum hose
      • One 50 ft. section of lay-flat hose
      • Toolbox
      • Extraction Wand
      • Owner's Manual
    • Legend Rewards: 12,000
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  • Features
    • Full-power extraction machine with high volume pumpout keeps up with the largest flood jobs.
    • Proven power plant and blower configuration same trusted combo used in the 370SS, the bestselling truckmount from Sapphire Scientific.
    • Sturdy platform with forklift guides and adjustable height legs for flexible application
    • No pressure pump, solution lines or freshwater tank no winterizing needed
    • Store and ship in container or pod for quick deployment
    • Fast deployment: set up and ready to run in 30 minutes or less

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