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HEPA 700 Filters

  • 125028 - Primary HEPA Filter for HEPA 700 (8-pk or single filters)
  • 125026 - 2-in. MERV 8 Pre-Filter for HEPA 700 (6-pk) (Not for use with AP 700)
  • 125029 - 1-in. MERV 8 Pre-Filter for HEPA 700 (12-pk)
  • 125027 - 1-in. Activated Carbon Filter for HEPA 700 (4-pk)
  • Product Details
    • Primary HEPA 700 Filter - 8-pk on Amazon
    • 2-in. MERV 8 Pre-FilterĀ  (NOT for use with AP 700) - 6-pk on Amazon
    • 1-in. MERV 8 Pre-Filter - 12-pk on Amazon
    • 1-in. Activated Carbon Filter - 4-pk on Amazon

    Working together, HEPA 700 pre-filters and true HEPA filter ensure the highest air filtration efficiency.

    The unit's primary HEPA filter media removes 99.999% of .1- .5 micron dust, mold and other potentially harmful particulates to pass stringent DOP air filtration tests required for some projects.

    The optional HEPA 700 activated carbon or charcoal filter with a 1-inch pre-filter and HEPA filter will remove odors, fumes and smoke - especially helpful in wildfire-prone areas. Each filter's 2.5 pounds of carbon pellets provide more than 1 million square yards of surface to adsorb noxious odors - that's twice that of many other carbon filters.

  • Features
    • Use Legend Brands filters only for maximum filtration effectiveness
    • HEPA 700 Command Hub displays the percent of life remaining on primary filter to help anticipate when it will require changing
    • Filters are designed to be replaced after use to prevent cross-contamination. (Do not clean and reuse)
    • Fast and easy filter changes - no tools required. (See Quick Start Guide in Documents tab for filter change instructions)

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