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HEPA 700 Ducting

  • 126541 - Layflat Ducting
  • 126575 - Semi-Rigid Ducting
  • Product Details

    Use HEPA 700 Ducting with containments to isolate areas where harmful particulates may exist.

    Attach 14 in. diameter Layflat Ducting (#126541) to the HEPA 700 air scrubber using the provided duct attachment ring. Take care not to bend or otherwise damage the attachment ring when installing the ducting. Do not exceed a maximum ducting length of 25 ft. / 7.6 m.

    The HEPA 700 wire-supported Semi-Rigid Ducting (#126575) fits snugly on the inlet or outlet for containment area ducting.

  • Specifications
    • Layflat Ducting Diameter: 14-in. (22-in. when flat)
    • Layflat Thickness: 4 mil
    • Layflat Ducting Length: 250-ft. roll
    • Semi-Rigid Ducting Diameter: 14 in.
    • Semi-Rigid Ducting Length:
      • 25 ft.
      • 7.6 m
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  • Features
    • Layflat ducting attaches easily to duct ring provided with HEPA 700
    • Semi-rigid ducting fits tight on inlet or outlet - no clamp required
    • Direct filtered air into adjacent spaces for containments

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