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HEPA 2000 Filters

  • 121754 - Primary HEPA Filter (Single pk)
  • 122781 - Pre-Filter (12 pk)
  • Product Details

    Designed specifically for the HEPA 2000, this pre-filter and HEPA primary filter ensure the highest air filtration efficiency. With both filters installed, the HEPA 2000 removes dust, allergens and other potentially harmful particulates.

  • Specifications
    • Primary HEPA Filter: True HEPA H13 Filter
    • Primary HEPA Filter Frame: Rugged Galvanized Steel Housing
    • Pre-filter: MERV 11 Paper Filter
  • Features
    • Rugged galvanized steel frame protects HEPA filter
    • Filters are designed to be replaced after use to prevent cross-contamination. (Do not clean and reuse)

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