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Electro-Gen Thermal Fogger

  • 116257 (102257000) - One 110V unit
  • 101277000 - One 220V unit
  • Product Details

    For powerful, versatile fogging. As a thermal fogger, this unit produces extremely fine particle size that mimics the behavior of smoke, delivering odor control deep into cracks, crevices and cavities. Use with ODORx Thermo-55 solvent-based formulations. Or, detach the heater barrel for use as a cold sprayer with water-based products or ProRestore's Disinfectant Spray Plus antimicrobial products. Always follow fogging product label instructions exactly.

  • Specifications
    • Output spraying: 1 oz. (30 ml) per minute
    • Output fogging: 1,000 cu. ft. (28 cu. m.) per minute
    • Fogging:
      • Hot: 13.5 microns
      • Cold: 115 microns
    • Amps: 8A (230V = 4 amps)
    • Volts: 115V
    • Power: 900W
    • Motor: Electro-mechanical vibrator operating at 7,200 strokes per minute
    • Pump: Displacement type
    • Heating element: Thermostatically controlled
    • Solution reservoir: Spun aluminum 3 qt. / 2.8 L capacity
    • Operating temperature:
      • 450°F525°F
      • 232°C274°C
    • Legend Rewards: 400
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  • Produces a true "dry fog" with a very small particle size similar to smoke for deep penetration.
  • Virtually eliminates the drips and streaks associated with conventional misters and foggers.
  • Can be used as an electric sprayer to apply solvent- or water-based chemicals for deodorizing. Simply remove the heater barrel for this function.

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