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DriForce® WolfPack Floor Drying System

  • 120438 (F243) - Complete kit
  • 100161 (F228) - Airwolf Airmover (purchased separately)
  • Product Details

    Save expensive wood floors. Use with the AirWolf Airmover (purchased separately) to inject air underneath hardwood floors to accelerate drying. Reduces or eliminates swelling and cupping - saves many floors that otherwise would have to be replaced.

  • Specifications
    • Includes:
      • Three 24-in. TurboVents
      • One boot/duct attachment connecting the AirWolf to the first vent
      • Four 30-in. ducting pieces with built-in hose clamps to connect additional vents
      • Six L-channels that preserve air pressure in spaces between and beside the Vents
      • Nine drywall screws for attaching vents to the structure
      • One 4 in. inlet duct attachment
      • One T-joint for maneuvering Vents
      • One duct connector to connect two ducting pieces together
      • One 10 ft. gasket to seal the end of the TurboVent
      • One carry-all duffel bag with wheels.
    • Xactimate: WTRWFD
    • Legend Rewards: 500
  • Features
    • Easily adaptable for any floor plan. The WolfPack comes with three TurboVents and plenty of flexible ducting, clamps and diverters. Arrange the system along walls or cabinet kick plates to direct airflow where it is needed most.
    • Combine the WolfPack with the Airwolf Airmover (purchased separately) to drive high-velocity airflow through the wood floor flutes.
    • Avoid refinishing costs. The AirWolf/WolfPack can dry out a hardwood floor in as few as three days! By drying fast from beneath, the AirWolf/WolfPack system can help reduce or eliminate cupping and associated refinishing costs.

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