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Dragon® 3600 Fuel Pickup Kit

  • 117712 (F558) - One kit
  • Product Details

    External fuel tank adaptor. Adapts the Dragon 3600 Mobile Furnace for use with a standard 55 gal. (208 L) barrel (purchased separately). Extend run-times and simplify fuel delivery. Quick-connect couplings let you easily switch back to the onboard fuel tank when needed.

  • Features
    • Includes Dragon fuel line conversion kit and fuel pickup with 10 ft. supply and return lines, and complete instructions
    • Conversion kit adapts existing Dragon fuel lines for use with the fuel pickup. Installs in minutes with common hand tools
    • Fuel pickup threads into standard 55-gallon drum and connects to Dragon via supply and return fuel lines
    • Quick-connect couplers allow you to switch between fuel pickup and onboard fuel tank at any time


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