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DefendAir HEPA 500 DOP Stage 2 Pre-Filter

  • 103724 (F415) - 4 pk
  • Product Details

    HEPA 500 DOP Stage 2 Pre-Filter. First-pass laboratory-grade HEPA 500 filtration. Upgrade your HEPA 500 to conform to DOP testing standards. With the standard pre-filter, DOP Stage 2 Pre-Filter and the HEPA primary filter installed, the HEPA 500 meets ANSI standards for HEPA filtration.

  • Features
    • May pass laboratory DOP testing when installed as part of three-stage filtration process
    • To be installed between the standard prefilter (F270 or F271) and the HEPA primary filter
    • Note: To help prevent cross-contamination, we recommend replacing the HEPA filter after each job involving mold, sewage, or other microbial contaminants, and also after use in an environment that may contain toxic substances such as asbestos. Wear appropriate protective gear when handling contaminated filters and dispose according to local regulations

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