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DefendAir 400 Filters

  • 111333 - Primary HEPA Filter (Single pk)
  • 127974 - Pre-Filter (case of 50, includes 10 packs of 5 prefilters)
  • Product Details

    Designed specifically for the DefendAir 400 air scrubber, the pre-filter and HEPA primary filter ensure the highest air filtration and air purifying efficiency. The highly portable, stackable DefendAir 400 air scrubber with HEPA removes dust, allergens and other potentially harmful particulates.

  • Specifications
    • Primary HEPA Filter Media: Synthetic Polypropylene and PET
  • Features
    • Filters are designed to be replaced after use to prevent cross-contamination. (Do not clean and reuse)
    • Easily change filters - no tools required
    • True HEPA - Filters 99.97% or greater at .3 microns

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