• 125184 - Four 1 gal. / 3.8 L bottles
  • Product Details

    Formulated with a restoration-strength blend of high-alkaline solvents and surfactants, this multi-purpose cleaner will cut through the toughest grease, oil and grime on concrete driveways, walls, and bricks. (Do not mix with bleach. Rinse surfaces previously cleaned with bleach before using Contec.)

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  • Specifications
    • Form: Liquid Concentrate
    • RTU pH: 11.4 - 11.8
    • Formulation: Water-Based, Biodegradable
    • Legend Rewards: 400 points (case)
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  • Features
    • Apply with pump-up sprayer per the dilutions below. If surface was previously cleaned with bleach, rinse well before using ConTec.
    • For heavy-duty cleaning: Mix up to 32 oz. with hot water to make one gallon.
    • For general cleaning: Mix 4-8 oz. per gal. of hot water.
    • For light cleaning: Mix 1-4 oz. per gal. of hot water.

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