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Apex GTX Truckmount

  • 9.840-894.0 - 100 gal. / 379 L waste tank
  • Product Details

    High performance cleaning and restoration in a package that doesn't break the bank. With the powerful and reliable liquid-cooled Kubota gasoline engine and the proven Gardner Denver TriFlow® Rotary Tri-Lobe vacuum blower, the Apex GTX is ideal for cleaning carpets, hard surfaces and flood extraction. Provides dual-wand capability for larger commercial jobs.

  • Specifications
    • Engine: Kubota 0.97 L gasoline engine.
    • Displacement Blower: Gardner Denver TriFlow<sup>®</sup> Tri-Lobe T408 Positive displacement blower with flows up to 408 CFM&
    • Solution pump: General pump, delivering up to 1200 PSI and 5 GPM
    • Console dimensions (W × H × D):
      • 30.5 × 39 ×& 47& in.
      • × 77.5 × 99.1& ×& 119.4& cm
    • Legend Rewards: 15,000 points
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  • Features
    • Durable Kubota engine. Water-cooled industrial-grade gasoline powerplant.
    • Chemical simulator valve simulates chemical flow without having to trigger wand to easily switch between chemicals.
    • Durable General water pump delivers up to 1200 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning.
    • Aluminum frame. Lightweight with superior corrosion resistance.
    • Single or dual wand operation. Use with a single 2.5 in. hose and wand or two 2 in. wands to tackle large commercial jobs.
    • Shutdown Identifiers. Diagnose cause of shutdown and limit downtime.
    • Hot water tap. Convenient hot water access right at the machine. Fill up your chemical jug with hot water to improve chemical performance.
    • Illuminated console for a clear view of the control panel at night.

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