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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Think about it - how often do you encounter the following?

  • Requests for air filtration
  • Concerns about allergies
  • Immuno-compromised individuals or other at-risk occupants
  • Contamination (sewer, mold or flooding)
  • Drying carpet or carpet and pad in place or floating carpet
  • Structural cavity drying
  • Construction generating dust, other particulates or odors

The answer - every project has at least one of these conditions. That's why controlling dust, soot and airborne bacterial contamination with air scrubbers or air filtration devices (AFDs) is very nearly the de facto standard for indoor environmental control.

Here’s how controlling the risks associated with indoor air quality benefits occupants, your workers and you:

For your occupants

Adding targeted area air scrubbing helps create a cleaner, safer indoor environment for occupants - every day, but especially at times of peak air quality concerns, plus during and after carpet cleaning, construction and water damage restoration. Occupants who are able to occupy an area without odor or health complaints will be more satisfied. Using an air scrubber is a cost-effective way to increase the quality and value of your services.

For your workers

Using an air scrubber also reduces the risk for those working in the area. In many cases, an air scrubber may be more effective and comfortable, and less expensive, than requiring the use of respirators (unless the situation requires the use of respirators, of course). An air scrubber is a short-term and long-term investment in the health and productivity of the people who do the work.

Legal implications

An AFD not only addresses indoor air quality concerns while work is being performed, it can also help limit your legal exposure later. This is especially true with water damage and mold contamination. Sometimes a restored structure develops a problem with IAQ due to a pre-existing condition or subsequent damage that is beyond the scope of your responsibility. By using an AFD on every project, you are taking an extra step to minimize unintended liability and complications that affect indoor air quality and occupant health.

Increase safety and productivity

Improving IAQ also benefits equipment performance and quality of work. An air scrubber captures dirt, dust and debris that can build up on furnishings and HVAC surfaces, plus on water damage jobs, dehumidifier coils can become coated (thereby decreasing water removal efficiency) and airmover intake vents clogged (reducing airflow). An air scrubber helps keep equipment clean so that it can perform at its best and avoid extra time required for cleanup later.

These are the “big picture” reasons controlling indoor air quality is critical to managing the indoor environment successfully.

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