Tips & Tricks/03.17.22

The Right Solution for Low Foam and Post-Water Damage Cleaing

Excess foam is the bane of carpet cleaners. While you can add defoamers to the tank, using the right formulation is an even better solution.

Nonionic surfactants are workhorse cleaning products as they are the best at attaching themselves to oily soils and organic soils often found in today's carpeted environments.These Nonionic surfactants are found in many of today’s professional cleaning products but are often found combined with an anionic surfactants which can lead to foam issues.

Prochem Clean Green uses nonionic surfactant technology so exhibits excellent low foaming characteristics. Clean Green's low-foam technology means less water needed to rinse, plus no vacuum loss in your extraction system.

Because it is nonionic, Clean Green can also be used on virtually any water-safe clean upholstery and carpet and in conjunction with disinfectants, making it the perfect carpet cleaning rinse for post-water damage cleaning.

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