Tips & Tricks/07.15.22

The Best Path to Expand Your Business

What’s the fastest way to grow your business? There are two different approaches:  1) expand your customer base, or 2) add another service line, such as upholstery, wood floor or tile and grout cleaning – or even exterior cleaning.

For the first option, there are numerous new customer opportunities for your cleaning services beyond homeowners – property management firms, university dorms, restaurants, offices and more. But reaching these new customers requires extensive marketing and sales efforts.

Expanding services to your existing base is faster. You can offer your customers additional cleaning services for upholstery, tile and grout, LVT, laminate, hardwood and even exterior surfaces.

Remember:  Every service you add will require you to become an expert in that specialty, in addition to being an expert carpet cleaner.

Before you start diversifying your business, you should ask yourself the first and most important question:

  • Do I like performing this (new) service?

If your answer is no, do not add that service to your line. You will hate the jobs even before you start them!

Additional questions to ask before you diversify:

  • What will I need to invest for the necessary equipment? Tools and chemistry to implement the service could run $1,500 - $2,500 or more, just to get started, so make sure you’re prepared to make the required initial investment. Consult your local Legend Brands dealer for advice on which cleaning products offer the best value for your new cleaning services.
  • Who will my competitors be?
  • What is the going rate?
  • How much education do I need to add these services? Legend Brands Education classes can help you get up to speed faster and even become certified, if needed. You can chat live with the Legend Brands technical team for expert advice on almost any cleaning situation.
  • How much profit can I make by adding this service?

Don't add a service just because a customer asked you to do something new. Make sure it’s a fit for you and your business and the customers you currently serve.

If you decide to diversify, let current customers know about your new services and ask them for positive reviews and referrals. With a diligent, planned approach to expansion, you’ll be the go-to company for your new service lines in no time!

Watch for more business building articles in upcoming Legend Brands Tips & Tricks.

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