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Simple Dehumidifier Maintenance Can Increase Profits

Overlooking regular dehumidifier maintenance can lead to downtime and sometimes costly repairs. Any time your dehus aren't ready for action means lost revenue, and potentially lost customers if they have to call one of your competitors instead.

Planned maintenance is the key, and that begins with—a plan! When there's no plan, the result is inconsistent procedures.

Focus your maintenance process on the 2 main places where dirt collects:  the pumps and coils. Cleaning them is critical—it's where you make the most significant impact.

  • Coils:  It’s especially important to replace dehumidifier filters and clean coils after any job that involves excessive dust or debris. Vacuum both sides until clean, being careful not to let the nozzle touch the fins. If excessively dirty, clean using a non-acidic, no-rinse coil cleaner.
  • Pump Basin and Drip Tray: Clean when dirt and debris are present.
  • Drain Hose:  Check hose for obstructions. Disconnect and clear any debris present, then reattach. Replace whenever there are visible kinks in the hose.
  • Pumps: Inspect and clean pump check valve, impeller and basin. Be sure to reinsert the bail into check valve.

If you get an ER9 control panel code and the hose isn’t kinked, it could be that the pump has become clogged with debris and needs cleaning or replacing.

Fortunately, all newer Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers are designed to be fast and easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Check your owner's manual online for instructions.

We provide helpful product service and troubleshooting resources on our website to help maintain your equipment. Below are a few examples of what you can find there:

No matter what dehumidifiers and equipment you use, the better care you take of it, the better their performance and the better your success in using them.

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