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How to Select the Best Air Scrubber

Search “air scrubber” on Google and prepare to be confused about how to choose the best HEPA air scrubber.

To cut through the confusion, here are the top 6 criteria for selecting commercial air scrubbers:

1. Match the air scrubber to the filtration need:

  • For smoke, viruses, mold remediation and critical areas, insist on 99.99% efficiency – Only certified labs can prove that an air scrubber is truly filtering out harmful particulates. The Dri- Eaz HEPA 700 and MediClean Healthcare AP 700 both exceed HEPA, removing 99.99% of .1-.5 micron particles per independent testing.
  • Removing fumes, smoke and other noxious odors requires activated carbon pellets – not just a layer of carbon or a carbon-infused filter. Each Mediclean AP 700 or HEPA 700 Activated Carbon Filter contains 2.5 pounds of carbon pellets to provide more than 1 million square yards of surface to adsorb noxious odors - that's more than twice the effectiveness of many other carbon filters. (How can you tell? Check the weight of replacement carbon filters for any air scrubber you’re considering.)
  • For construction, dust and clean water damage restoration, 99.97% efficiency is fine – but make sure the unit’s prefilter is easy to change (no tools required), as changing it often in dusty environments keeps air filtration optimal. Why is the pre-filter important? It keeps dust and larger particles from clogging the primary HEPA filter to make it last longer. Easy to move and easy to clean is also important, and the Dri-Eaz DefendAir 400 is a more affordable and highly portable option for general air scrubbing.
  • Look for UVC protection and antimicrobial-infused housings for healthcare and other sensitive environments - The AP 700's UVC LED attacks viruses and bacteria on the HEPA filter. The UV LED is uniquely positioned on the inlet of the filter for greater exposure times and to ensure that viruses and bacteria are not re-contaminating the air while servicing. Antimicrobial* infused in the unit's housing helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew on its surface, making the unit safer for handling and maintenance. (*EPA Reg. No. 93407-3)

2. Determine how much airflow you need for the space:

To calculate how to achieve the standard 6 air changes per hour, multiply the unit’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) airflow by 10 – the result is the maximum cubic footage for the unit at that air filtration turnover rate.

3. Check its ease of ducting for containment setup:

To contain construction dust, paint fumes or other potentially harmful particulates, variable speed is a must, and so is easy attachment of inlet or outlet ducting. Layflat attaches quickly to the HEPA 700 or AP 700 outlet using the built-in duct ring, and 14-in. semi-rigid ducting attaches easily to the inlet or outlet – plus both offer variable airflow to 700 CFM.

4. Consider the noise level – especially if operating in an occupied area:

Quieter means there’s less chance that people will turn them off and halt the air filtration process. Don’t just judge by decibel ratings, as sound intensity (acoustic energy) affects how we experience sounds, more than pure decibels. In fact, just a 3 dB increase in acoustic energy sounds like twice the noise! Even more critical is sound frequency. The HEPA 700 and AP 700 were designed with these factors in mind – both units sound quieter than other high-performance air scrubbers, especially when operating at low speed.

5. Choose your controls – simple on/off or digital with remote access:

If you only need single-speed air filtration, then a model like the DefendAir 400 with its simple controls is sufficient. However, if you need to control the airflow speed while onsite or remotely, then select the HEPA 700 or AP 700. Their Command Hub controls have Bluetooth and Wifi built in for remote control and monitoring of HEPA filter health using the Dri-Eaz Command Center Pro dashboard and mobile app.

6. Know where units are manufactured and who supports them:

Buying cheap units made overseas could leave you stranded when you need filters or have problems. The Dri-Eaz HEPA 700, AP 700 and DefendAir 400 are engineered, molded and assembled in the Legend Brands plant in Burlington, WA, and US-based technical experts are readily available by chat, email or toll-free call. Dri-Eaz air scrubbers are also covered by a generous lifetime limited warranty.

Choose a brand you can trust

For 20 years Dri-Eaz HEPA air scrubbers have protected people in homes, businesses, schools and hospitals from harmful mold, dust, smoke and other particulates. Why choose an unknown brand just to save a few dollars up front? Legend Brands will be there to support you long after pop-up businesses capitalizing on current air scrubber demand have disappeared.

Whether you need quick tips or advanced water damage restoration education, Legend Brands is available by email or live chat.

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