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Eradicating Stubborn Tobacco and Cannabis Odors

Odor removal experts are often asked how to rid homes and facilities of the persistent odors left by tobacco and cannabis smokers. Heavy smoking over a long period of time causes stubborn and severe smoke odors.

Simple deodorizing won’t work – smoke penetrates crevices and cavities and thus requires a process that also penetrates those same spaces. Also, when sticky tobacco residues accumulate, the resulting film on interior building surfaces continually release malodors.

Use a HEPA Air Scrubber

When removing odors, use a Dri-Eaz® HEPA 700 air scrubber with an activated carbon filter to aid in removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including tobacco, cannabis or other noxious odors.

3-Step Odor Removal Process

This proven system is the key to successful tobacco odor removal:

Step 1: Apply Tabac-Attack
Suppress tobacco or cannabis odors with ODORx™ Tabac-Attack to initially knock down the strongest odors. Prepare a ready-to-use solution according to label directions and apply directly to floors coated with smoke residues.

Step 2: Thermal-Fog
Thermal-fog with Tabac-Attack scented Thermo-55: This powerful heat-activated odor counteractant penetrates deep into walls, floors and other surfaces to counteract odors where they hide. Allow fog to remain for one hour before cross-ventillating for at least 30 minutes. Use Thermo-55 with the  Thermo-Gen VF Fogger or other fogger, and be sure to follow all label directions.

Step 3: Clean Up
It’s critical to thoroughly clean all surfaces using Tabac-Attack as a deodorizer additive in cleaning solutions.

Add Tabac-Attack to the following cleaning solutions:
Walls and ceilings - Add to Unsmoke Degrease-All (for high-gloss or semi-gloss paint) or Wall Wash (for flat or semi-gloss paint)
Other hard surfaces - Add to Unsmoke Degrease-All
Carpets and Upholstery - Add to Prochem All Fiber Deep Clean or Liquid Slurry

Download this 3-Step Guide to Removing Tobacco and Cannabis Odors for easy reference, and see more smoke and odor removal articles in Legend Brands Tips & Tricks.

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