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Eliminate Strong Cooking Odors

Depending on the source, soils and odors from cooking can be difficult to remove and neutralize. Residuals from grease and oils bond to fibers and surfaces attracting soils and the off-gassing from decomposing protein often leaves a lingering foul odor.
Additionally, the spices and techniques associated with cooking some of the ethnic foods we love can present unique cleaning and deodorization challenges.

It’s Easy – When You Know the Secrets

As with all odor removal, it has to start with eliminating the source. Generally food-based soils require alkaline pre-sprays and cleaners to break the bond of soils to both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Here are a few tips that will dramatically increase your cleaning and deodorizing results.


Use an alkaline prespray with enzymes and citrus deodorizers. Chemspec Enz-All has long been professional restorers’ go-to carpet prespray when cleaning up after kitchen fires. Use Enz-All according to label instructions, adding ½ once ODORx Double-O per gallon of ready-to-use solution. If using an injection sprayer at the standard setting, use 5 ounces ODORx Double-O in a 5 quart bottle. Always take the time to agitate for better results.

Always rinse with an alkaline detergent rinse. The surfactants, solvents and odor control components in Chemspec Formula 90 with BioSolv make it the perfect combo solution with Enz-All. Use according to label instructions.

Post-cleaning Spray Treatment
Use Double-O in a low-pressure sprayer at a rate of 1 ounce per gallon of water at a rate of 500 square feet per gallon. Mist the surface and then groom/rake and dry.


Regardless of affected upholstery is intended to be cleaned – wet or solvent clean only – clean it. Removing odor-causing soils is a must.

For wet cleanable fabrics add Double O into your rinsing agent. For materials that specify solvent cleaning only, mist ODORx Space Spray Citrus on fabric.

Hard Surfaces:

Clean hard surfaces including inside kitchen cabinets with a combination of Unsmoke Degrease-All and ODORx Double O. Mix Degrease-All at a rate of 12 ounces to a gallon of water, adding 1 ounce Double O per gallon. Clean areas with towel, sponge or mop followed by rinse/wipe with clear water.

HOT TIP: Mist ODORx Space Spray Citrus around the door jambs so when the customer enters the room it smells fresh and clean!

When All Else Fails

If odors persist after cleaning using above techniques, thermal fogging may be required. Watch our video to learn how to properly thermal fog.

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