Tips & Tricks/10.27.21

Use Air Filtration to Differentiate Your Cleaning Business

HEPA air filtration is commonly used on restoration and construction projects to help protect people and facilities from harmful airborne particulates and contaminants associated with restorative drying, repair, remodeling and remediation projects.

Many cleaners are also discovering the benefits of using a professional HEPA air scrubber on their carpet and floor cleaning jobs. Carpet cleaning significantly disturbs particles and pollutants in a home or office. Commercial air filtration greatly reduces the risks of concentrated airborne contaminants that can present a significant health danger to any occupant, including the cleaner.

With growing consumer concerns about airborne bacteria and viruses and heightened awareness of air filtration benefits, adding air scrubbers into your everyday cleaning provides your customer with added protection and comfort in today’s hyper aware and sensitive environment.

For a small investment you can protect and provide you and your customers with the added assurance of best-in-biz air filtration.

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