Tips & Tricks/09.25.23

10 Things to Know Before You Buy a Truckmount

Here are the top 10 things to consider before buying a truckmount:

#10 - Don't buy on price alone. Every day cleaners and restorers search the Internet for the best deal on equipment, hoping for a better price than the quote provided by their local distributor. Remember: It is only a “good deal” if you are going to get the same level of service and training that you would get from your trusted distributor.

#9 - What is the distributor’s commitment to service in terms of staff, training and parts inventory? Regardless of what make or model you buy, at some point it will need service. A quality distributor will have factory-trained, well-paid service technicians on staff and the right stock of replacement parts. Downtime equals loss of revenue, so be sure to ask before you buy about the level of service you can expect.

#8 - Get to know who you are buying from. Think of the distributor as your business partner. They can provide you more than just a product; they provide technical assistance, training and around-the-clock consultation. These are invaluable resources that should be considered when making a major investment.

#7 - What is the manufacturer’s reputation? Do they stand behind their products with industry-leading warranties? Do their distributors fully support the manufacturer?

#6 - What investment does the manufacturer make in engineering resources? A manufacturer can only produce quality products when it makes an ongoing substantial financial investment in staff and technology.

#5 - What is the manufacturer’s and distributor’s commitment to the industry? Consider buying products produced by companies and distributors that invest in your future through education and promotion of the cleaning and restoration industries.

#4 - What are your financing options? The right financing package can preserve your cash flow while leveraging you into new sales opportunities. A quality finance company will give you options that are in your best interest – not just what makes them the most money. Legend Brands’ lending partners will work with you directly to create the best financing package for your business.

#3 - Make sure you are buying equipment that meets your needs. There’s no such thing as a one-size-meets-all truckmount! Legend Brands has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development to make sure we can offer a full range of truckmounts to meet your needs in terms of budget and performance.

#2 - Invest in your future, invest in the best! Legend Brands leads the industry in development of new technologies and has educated more contractors in the cleaning and restoration sciences than any other company.

#1 - You get what you pay for. Buy the best from the best. A low price does not always equal a great deal. When you buy a Prochem and Sapphire Scientific truckmount, you are assured that you are investing in the highest quality products.

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