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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Aug. 18, 2020) — Professional carpet cleaners' favorite compact carpet and floor dryer, the Dri-Eaz® Dri-Pod is now daisy-chain capable, much quieter and more economical than ever—only $99 MSRP.

    "The Dri-Pod has always been one of our best-selling units, and now the daisy-chaining feature expands its drying capability," said Dorrel Allsop, Director of Sales, "Plus, we've made it more affordable to deploy more Dri-Pods in any given area to quick-dry carpets and floors."

    Stackable and easy to carry, the Dri-Pod weighs just 10.5 lbs. and draws only 1 amp. It's always been compact—only 15 in. wide by 9 in. tall—and now it's also quiet. The airflow produced by the new model's motor and fan blade combination are just as powerful yet much quieter for occupied spaces.

    The Dri-Pod can be used almost anywhere, including inside cabinets, closets and other difficult-to-dry locations. Cleaners simply place the Dri-Pod in the center of a space to dry carpet, tile, LVT or hardwood. The unit's patented outlet design directs air down and out in a 360° pattern that quickly removes surface moisture from an area 8 times that of narrow-focused carpet dryers.

    The new convenience outlet allows the user to connect up to 8 units on a single 15-amp circuit—perfect for drying large rooms or long hallways quickly and efficiently after cleaning.

    The Dri-Pod is just one of Legend Brands' extensive line of professional airmovers designed for the rugged demands of professional cleaning and restorative drying. Available from Legend Brands distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada and online. Learn more:
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Mar. 30, 2020) — New All Fiber Rinse from Legend Brands will completely change how carpet cleaners look at extraction rinses. Extensive testing shows that it out-cleans many of today’s popular rinses yet leaves less residue than water rinsing.

    All Fiber Rinse employs a proprietary Residue Release Technology that binds to soils and minerals and releases them from carpet fibers. This results in more thorough cleaning and a residue-free extraction that leaves fibers soft to the touch. Eliminating residue results in little risk of wicking, resoiling and other associated issues.

    "This unique formulation was created by the master chemist behind Unleashed and Ultrapac Extreme – no other rinse can claim zero attraction to fibers. It leaves no sticky residue behind," said Tim Baker, Legend Brands Cleaning Chemicals Manager.

    Unlike other powders, All Fiber Rinse uses hydracoating technology that allows it to dissolve quickly and completely, even in cold water. Once in RTU solution, it stays clear and can be stored up to several weeks with no separation.

    With a stable 4.2–4.5 pH, users can clean virtually any soft surface plus most tile and grout with All Fiber Rinse.

    "It has a light, pleasant fragrance – a great improvement compared to the pungent odors of many acid rinses, said Baker. "And it’s especially cost-effective when you consider how well it cleans – it even removes old soils and residues from previous cleanings. That’s sure to result in positive customer referrals."

    All Fiber Rinse is non-corrosive on copper, brass, and aluminum. Regular use can even help prevent scaling in valves and jets in truckmounts, portables and cleaning wands.

    Both the new All Fiber Rinse and the long-popular liquid-formula All Fiber Rinse are available at Legend Brands Distributors throughout North America.

    For more information, visit
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Feb. 25, 2020) — Industry veteran Jeff Heyd recently joined Legend Brands as National Accounts Manager. A 20-year veteran of the restoration, remediation and cleaning industries, Heyd has owned and managed a variety of restoration and cleaning companies.

    Heyd enjoys teaching and has developed and taught IICRC continuing education classes on mold remediation and disinfection. He currently holds multiple industry certifications, including the IICRC Master Water Restorer certification, and has taught business management at the university level.

    In his role as a National Accounts Manager, Heyd will apply his technical background and industry experience to cultivate relationships with customers and deepen their understanding of Legend Brands products.

    "I believe training and education play an important role in the sales process," said Heyd, "especially when it comes to technical and specialty equipment and applications."

    Legend Brands Director of Strategic Accounts Jim Hassi said, "We’re fortunate to have recruited Jeff, as he brings the skills and experience needed to help carry out our current initiatives."

    Heyd will be based out of his home office in Palm Desert, Calif.
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Nov. 11, 2019) — The Legend Brands® Summit PTS is the first direct-drive truckmount in the industry to be protected by a nationwide ten-year limited warranty.

    "This market-leading warranty protection has raised the bar for the truckmount industry," said Glen Wilson, Vice President-Product Management for Legend Brands. "It reflects our complete confidence in a unit that will perform reliably for years beyond what other manufacturers can deliver, and at lower operating costs."

    Designed for installation in the highly popular Chevy/GM 6.0-liter van platform, the Summit delivers high vacuum, heat, and pressure for residential, multi-unit, and commercial cleaning—and for high-efficiency flood extraction on residential and commercial jobs.

    The Summit PTS incorporates the high-throughput Gardner Denver 408TL tri-lobe blower to maximize extraction rates and accelerate drying time—a distinct advantage in today’s competitive cleaning market. A built-in stainless steel prefilter box is easily accessed from the front of the unit, and the General water pump delivers fully adjustable solution flows up to 1200 PSI and 5 GPM for increased cleaning productivity and versatility.

    For a steady supply of heat, the Summit PTS utilizes the proven Sapphire Scientific® finned stainless steel tube coil system to capture heat from the blower. In addition, a flat-plate heat exchanger transfers heat from the vehicle’s engine coolant system to preheat the cooling solution.

    "This unit delivers strong heat and superior cleaning efficiencies. It simply out-performs any direct-drive truckmount in its class," said Wilson.

    The exhaust system of the Summit PTS is Cerakote® treated to substantially reduce radiant heat and help lower internal van temperatures, which may extend the life of truckmount components.

    Each Summit PTS is equipped with a 100 gallon marine-grade aluminum waste tank. The standard accessories package includes 100 ft. of 2 in. vacuum hoses, 100 ft. of solution hoses, 50 ft. water supply hose, and the 14-inch Low Profile 6-jet titanium wand with glide.

    Buyers of the Summit PTS should register their purchase at and their truckmount invoice to to receive 12,000 Legend Rewards points that can be used for electronics, tools, travel and more. For details, go to Purchases between November 1 and December 31, 2019, may also qualify for a special $2,000 cash rebate from Legend Brands. See details at

    The Summit PTS is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors across the United States and Canada. To learn more about the Summit, visit
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Oct. 15, 2019) — In his 31 years of talking to cleaning professionals about the tools they use and how they could be improved, Ed Earle has gained an understanding of the needs of the professional cleaner that is second to none. He has worked with thousands of professionals to develop and refine cleaning tools to improve performance and ergonomics as well as to reduce cost to make them more affordable and available.

    If you have gone to any industry tradeshows or distributor customer appreciation days over the years, it’s pretty likely you have met or talked with Ed.

    When asked why he decided to make a move to Legend Brands Ed said, "I’m grateful to have the opportunity to put my experience and ideas into action for the benefit of the industry. I have always admired Legend Brands as a company and look forward to what we can accomplish together. Cleaning is hard work and I’m committed to strategies that require less muscle-straining effort with optimal results."

    Ed’s insights will help the Legend Brands team design the next generation of tools, wands and accessories with a focus on products that make cleaning more efficient and improve the work experience of our customers.

    When you have your next opportunity to chat with Ed, in addition to talking cleaning, ask him about his experiences with hunting, fishing and the great outdoors—he has some great stories to share. Or you might want to ask about his experience as a Division 1 and NAIA Softball Umpire. Ed says that it was an interesting journey. He stays involved with local youth as a mentor in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where his home office will be based.
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Sep. 6, 2019) – With 27 years in the cleaning industry, Craig Moormeier brings significant experience to his new role as Legend Brands MRO Account Manager for the Eastern U.S.

    Moormeier has been director of sales for a Jan/San distributor and regional director for a large manufacturing rep group. He has also been involved in customer education and sales management and staff training.

    Jim Hassi, Director of Strategic Accounts for Legend Brands, said, "Craig brings top-notch skills and long term experience to the table. We look forward to working with him to strengthen and enhance the Legend Brands presence among MRO industry players as a major supplier of restoration equipment and chemistry."

    Moormeier will be based in Eaton, Ohio. Craig is a U.S. Navy veteran, and he and his wife Belinda have been married for 32 years. They have two adult children, Alex and Austin.

    "I enjoy working with and educating national distributors," said Moormeier. "Helping customers solve problems is what really motivates me."

    Hassi said, "We’re excited to have Craig on board at Legend Brands. His sales management skills, his focus on education plus his experience with industry equipment is a great fit for Legend Brands and will bring real value to our MRO relationships."
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Apr. 10, 2019) – Legend Brands Education (LBE) has announced a special two-week career training program for U.S. veterans, offering a 50% discount on a veterans-only Restoration Bootcamp at the LBE Nashville campus. Veterans can also attend a job fair with local business owners and other key players in the water and fire damage restoration industry.

    The 50% tuition discount applies to all U.S. military veterans. For the May 6–10 Restorative Drying 101/201 Combined Course (WRT/ASD), normally $1,299, veterans will pay only $649. The May 14–16 Odor Control/ Fire and Smoke and Remediation combination (OCT/FSRT) – normally $399 – will cost veterans only $199.

    The two-class series will be taught in a hands-on environment and led by experienced and certified instructors, and will prepare participants for testing and certification with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The fees include all course materials, which provide a valuable reference after the classes. Participants should note that fees for IICRC exams and certification – $65 for each course – cannot be discounted.

    In week one, May 6–10, the Water Restoration Technician (WRT) course covers water restoration basics including odor removal and deodorization techniques for sources including urine, fire and smoke, fuel oil spills and biohazards. The class also includes the Applied Structural Drying (ASD) course, where participants learn more advanced principles of drying science and practice advanced drying techniques for structures and contents.

    In week two, May 14–16, the Odor Control Technician/Fire & Smoke Control Technician (OCT/FSRT) course covers odor removal and deodorization for combustion sources such as fire and smoke and chemical sources such as fuel oil spills, plus urine contamination and biohazards.

    Dennis Bruders, V.P. of Marketing, said, “Legend Brands Education has been working closely with transitional career reps at the Veterans Administration. In the last several months, 15 U.S. Veterans have participated in Legend Brands classes.”

    The restoration job fair, to be held at the conclusion of the Boot Camp on May 15, 10 a.m.–2 p.m., will feature local restoration business owners recruiting for talent. This will provide an excellent opportunity for veterans to “meet and greet” local industry professionals.

    “Restoration is a growth industry, and veterans looking for an excellent post-military career will find many opportunities in restoration,” said Bruders. “Every day restoration contractors are supporting their families, building their businesses, creating jobs and making a difference in the lives of those impacted by flood or fire damage.”

    Interested veterans should call RSA at 800-932-3030. For complete course descriptions and other information, visit
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Feb. 20, 2019) – Engineered for maximum power, performance and durability, the new Everest 870HP brings together the best of Prochem and Sapphire Scientific technology in a truckmount designed for the most serious cleaning and restoration professionals,

    “The 870HP is designed for anyone looking for no-limits performance,” said Dennis Bruders, VP of Marketing. “This machine will easily rise to the challenge of multi-wand operators cleaning large commercial spaces and those who want to increase their efficiency and profits for water damage extraction.”

    Under the hood, the Everest 870HP boasts the highest-quality components – a liquid-cooled fuel-injected Kubota 4-cylinder engine, an industrial Eurus vacuum blower and a General pump rated up to 2500 PSI. With the truckmount’s unmatched 5-year warranty, purchasers can trust this machine will deliver the reliability and longevity on which their businesses depend.

    The Kubota engine is emissions-compliant in all U.S. states, which is great news for California customers. Also, the truckmount’s unique E-Idle system allows operators to idle-down the engine with a quick pull of the wand trigger and reduce fuel consumption by up to 23%.

    All exhaust components are treated with a Cerakote® nanotech coating, which lowers exhaust components’ radiant heat levels by 30% or more. This helps to keep the truckmount cooler and reduce heat-related wear on components.

    The Everest 870HP’s ample heat output is precisely controlled by a Thermalogic® control system with four preset heat levels. The truckmount produces this heat with two systems. First, a plate heat exchanger collects heat from the engine coolant and directs it through our patented fin tube heat exchanger, which collects additional energy from the engine exhaust and blower and transfers it to the solution. The result is a system that warms up quickly, runs cooler and produces hotter cleaning solution.

    The console measures only 43(w) × 42(h) × 53(d) in. “The machine’s relatively compact footprint makes it ideal for installation in the Ford Transit or Ram Promaster van platforms,” adds Bruders. “Put this unit in one of those vehicles and contractors can easily expand the capacity, flexibility and profitability of their operation.”

    The Everest 870HP delivers 2500 PSI of heated solution at 5.6 gallons per minute, making it an excellent choice for hard surface cleaning and general pressure washing.

    When Legend Rewards members register their Everest 870HP purchase at, they will receive 25,000 Legend Rewards points to redeem for travel, gifts and even other Legend Brands products – that’s twice the points awarded for most other truckmount purchases.

    For more information, visit

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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Jan. 24, 2019) – Dri-Eaz® dehumidifiers now come with the new 4-PRO™ filter designed specifically for restoration, remediation and construction jobs.

    As the replacement for the discontinued 3M HAF filter, the 4-PRO filter captures dust and debris to protect internal components, and even helps to control odors.

    The 4-PRO works in four ways to preserve dehumidifiers’ efficiency while protecting operators and occupants:
    • Expanded cellulose mesh reduces build-up on internal dehumidifier components by capturing large particles
    • Electrostatically charged polypropylene captures smaller particles
    • Activated carbon adsorbs odors and fumes
    • Antimicrobial-treated layers help to prevent bacterial growth on the filter

    The 4-PRO’s rigid aluminum frame protects against filter collapse and ensures proper filtration throughout the filter loading cycle. “If paper filter frames get damp, they can bend or crumple up and leave the dehu unprotected,” said Dan Gibart, Restoration Equipment Category Manager. “The 4-PRO filter’s aluminum frame prevents this from happening.”

    Introduced with the LGR 6000Li in 2018, the 4-PRO filter now ships with the LGR 7000XLi, Revolution LGR, and DrizAir 1200 refrigerant dehumidifiers, plus the DriTec 4000i desiccant.

    The 4-PRO is not reusable and should be discarded after use. Legend Brands recommends replacing the filter whenever the accumulation of dust and debris is visible or after every job where there is a risk of cross-contamination.

    Replacement 4-PRO filters can be purchased from authorized distributors for the Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers listed above plus the Evolution LGR. 3M HAF filters are currently being sold for other models – the LGR 2800i, 3500i, 2000 and 2400 – until mid-Spring when the 4-PRO filter will be available for these remaining models.

    To learn more, visit
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Sept. 13, 2018) – Dri-Eaz has just released a grains-per-pound calculator app that offers expanded drying environment calculations.

    Available for Apple and Android mobile devices, the app calculates grains per pound (GPP) based on temperature and RH data entered via the easy-to-use interface. An advanced section calculates vapor pressure and air dew point to material. The app can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius modes and definitions are provided for all terms used.

    The app is custom designed by and for restoration professionals and is both free and ad free. Dennis Bruders, V.P. of Marketing with Legend Brands, notes that “Restorers rely on accurate GPP measurements to help assess the extent of water damage, set up effective drying systems, monitor drying effectiveness as the project progresses and verify project success. PsychCheck can help them accomplish this easily and effectively.”

    PsychCheck is available at the Apple App Store and for Android at Google Play.

    To learn more, visit
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Sept. 5, 2018) – Ultrapac Extreme brings nanotechnology to Prochem’s Ultrapac line of professional carpet cleaning solutions. This ultra-powerful technology releases soils from carpet strands and suspend them for fast and efficient removal.

    According to Werner Buchmann, Director of Chemical Research and Development at Legend Brands, “The technology works like micro-robots that grab onto soils and pulls them free from carpet fibers. This system removes soils faster and more efficiently than anything used in the market today.”

    Provided in economical powdered form, Ultrapac Extreme dissolves easily and thoroughly even in cold water. The product’s Hydrocoating Technology ensures fast mixing even at concentrations up to 20 ounce per 5 gallons. It will not harden or clump in the container, ensuring accurate measuring. Performance is unaffected with water hardness up to 24 grains.

    The RTU will also not separate – a serious problem in sprayer applicator equipment – and the prepared solution can be stored indefinitely. This helps to ensure consistent cleaning results every day and from operator to operator.

    Many carpet cleaning solutions can become too “hot” (alkaline) and can actually damage carpet fibers. Maintaining proper pH avoids this problem and helps to maximize cleaning potential in all conditions. Ultrapac Extreme features a complex buffering system that stabilizes the pH.

    The product is also chemically stable at solution temperatures all the way up to 212° F / 100° C, allowing users to take full advantage of the cleaning power offered by today’s high temperature truckmounts.

    “Extreme is state-of-the-art,” said Werner. “It mixes fast and cleans better at lower cost than many less effective pre-sprays.”

    Ultrapac Extreme is sold by the industry’s largest network of distributors in North America. To learn more, visit

    About Legend Brands Legend Brands combines over 185 years of experience in providing equipment, accessories and chemicals for professional cleaning, facility maintenance, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation.
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (Aug. 20, 2018) – Professional cleaners looking for liquid-cooled longevity and high efficiency heat exchange at an economical price have a new solution: the new 2018 Peak 500 truckmount from Prochem and Sapphire Scientific. 

    Tests show that the Peak 500 can easily maintain full heat even with a 6-flow wand for maximum cleaning performance. Its 31 HP Kawasaki engine features electronic fuel injection and consumes only 1 gallon of gas per hour. The Peak 500 is fully CARB-compliant, available in all 50 states and Canada.

    According to Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products for Legend Brands, “This unit is the lowest cost liquid-cooled large class CARB-compliant machine in the market. It heats up quickly and cleans fast, and will offer long-term ROI.”

    The Peak 500 uses a triple-source heat exchange system to maximize engine cooling and solution heating. The copper-finned stainless steel tubing maximizes heat exchange and provides corrosion-resistant durability. The simplified heat exchange system is designed for years of life with minimal maintenance, reflecting Prochem’s core DNA: Simple, durable, and reliable.

    The all-aluminum powder coated frame also resists corrosion and also helps to dampen vibration and noise better than the steel frames used on competitive units. The exhaust system is treated with Cerakote®, a thin ceramic coating that reduces radiant heat by up to 30% to help protect components and vehicle interiors from heat-related damage. 

    The Peak boasts premium components throughout, including the Gardner Denver TriFlow 406 blower, with vacuum to 13 in. Hg and flows up to 406 CFM for thorough extraction and fast-drying carpets. The unit’s General HTXS1813S water pump delivers 3.5 GPM and up to 1500 PSI water pressure, making it suitable for hard surface cleaning jobs as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning of any type.

    Controls are simple and reliable and clearly laid out, and include an easy to use manual temperature control and a racing-inspired lighted bezel with large temperature and pressure gauges. 

    The unit is also specifically engineered for ease of maintenance. All maintenance points are easy to access, limiting time lost and keeping the unit on the job. 

    The Peak 500 is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors in North America. To learn more, visit

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  • SurfaceShield® and SurfaceShield Plus protectants offer a new class of breathable, penetrating barrier that prevents the nutrients that promote mold and mildew growth from reaching the surface of wood, brick and other porous materials. 

    As the final step on mold remediation projects, SurfaceShield includes an EPA-registered preservative that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the dry coating surface. And unlike antimicrobial paints, SurfaceShield utilizes a patented technology that penetrates deeply into materials and creates a sandable, paintable, moisture-resistant, and breathable coating. 

    SurfaceShield products also make materials highly resistant to future water damage, as the barrier resists water intrusion and provides continued protection against staining from mold and mildew. And unlike sealant-type treatments, which can seal in moisture and cause swelling, splitting and rot, SurfaceShield’s dried coating allows moisture to migrate out of materials and evaporate. 

    Bill Weigand, Director of Restoration Chemicals at Legend Brands said “SurfaceShield offers superior protection against microbial growth on structural materials at a lower price than competitive products.” 

    SurfaceShield is an economical low-VOC solution that can be applied quickly and efficiently with an airless sprayer – it covers up to 1,000 square feet per gallon. SurfaceShield goes on clear, while SurfaceShield Plus includes a white tint to help track application. Both products also include a UV tracer to verify application if needed.

    SurfaceShield products are covered by a 10-year limited warranty to provide extra assurance.  
    Weigand said, “Contractors can immediately see the value of SurfaceShield and will appreciate the extra assurance it offers against future mold growth.”

    SurfaceShield products are sold by the industry’s largest network of distributors across North America. To learn more, visit
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  • The new Dri-Eaz® LGR 6000Li i-Series dehumidifier brings EDT (Extreme Dew Point Technology) to the industry, utilizing onboard sensors that maximize drying water removal by automatically responding to changing conditions. 

    As the top-performing Xactimate® Large category dehumidifier, the LGR 6000Li removes 100 pts. (47.3 L) per day at AHAM (80°F/60% RH), 204 pts. (96.5 L) per day at saturation (90°F/90% RH), and provides the best low-grain drying in its category. Its variable CFM tops out at 330 CFM.

    “What’s amazing is not just its breakthrough performance – its whisper-quiet operation has amazed everyone,” said Dennis Bruders, VP Marketing of Legend Brands. “You almost have to put your hand on it to tell that it’s running!”

    The LGR 6000Li brings another industry first: its QR-coded label links to product information and to the industry’s leading job documentation apps. When scanned from a phone or tablet, the system tracks on-the-job equipment and provides verified equipment performance data in select Next Gear Solutions applications. Within seconds, a contractor can scan multiple pieces of equipment into a room – getting feedback in real-time if they have added too little, too much or not enough equipment per industry standards, as shown in this video: 

    The 6000Li is ideal for moving up and down stairs on everyday restoration jobs. The unit’s compact size (only 100 lbs.), extended handle and large wheels make the unit easy to transport, and the unit can be stacked two high for storage. 

    Maintenance has been truly simplified – removing just four bolts provides access to the coils and pump for maintenance. And a unique self-contained pump system virtually eliminates spills when transporting the unit. 
    The 6000Li features the time-saving i-Series control panel that displays accurate real-time GPP, inlet and outlet temp and RH. This allows the operator to review drying conditions at a glance. The controller also provides maintenance prompts, to keep the unit operating at maximum efficiency at all times. 

    In another industry first, the 6000Li features the four-in-one 4-Pro Filter system developed specifically for restoration. Expanded cellulose mesh captures the larger particles, while electrostatically charged polypropylene attracts and retains smaller particles. In addition, activated carbon adsorbs odors and fumes, and antimicrobial-treated layers help prevent bacterial growth on the filter and associated odors. These four components preserve dehumidifier efficiency and helps protect operators and occupants. 

    The LGR 6000Li is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors in North America. To learn more, visit

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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (July 10, 2018) – In the latest truckmount innovation from Prochem and Sapphire Scientific, Cerakote® ceramic coating reduces the heat radiating from the 2018 Apex® 570 truckmount’s exhaust components by up to 30%. Cerakote is also now applied to exhaust parts on the 2018 Sapphire Scientific® 370SS truckmount.  

    Reducing radiant heat from exhaust components not only extends the life of truckmount components by moving the heat out of the van – it also aids in lowering internal truck temperatures.
    Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products for Legend Brands, said, “This new truckmount that combines the best of Prochem and Sapphire technology is one of the hottest, most efficient and reliable truckmounts on the market.” 

    The 2018 Apex 570 utilizes the highly successful Sapphire thermal well system to capture heat from three sources: the blower, the engine exhaust, and the engine coolant system. This results in a steady supply of heat for superior cleaning. 

    In addition to the highly reliable Kubota WG972 31 HP liquid cooled engine, the Apex 570 features the Gardner Denver HF408 blower, a tri-lobe helical design that is quieter and produces less vibration than other blower designs. The HF408 operates at higher RPMs to maximize extraction rates and accelerate drying time – another advantage in competitive cleaning markets. 

    The General HTS2016S produces up to 1500 PSI and 5 GPM at 1500 RPM for increased cleaning productivity. 
    “This unit delivers the most heat and highest cleaning efficiencies and out-performs any truckmount in its class,” said Wilson. 

    Each Apex 570 is equipped with a 90 gal. marine-grade aluminum waste tank, and a 120 gal. upgrade is available. The unit’s powder-coated aluminum frame reduces weight, plus it resists the corrosion and metal fatigue that plague the steel frames used by other manufacturers. 

    The 2018 Apex 570 is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of distributors across North America.

    To learn more, visit
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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (December 5, 2017) – Now with an all-aluminum frame, clog- and freeze-resistant heat exchanger, upgraded drive belts and other improvements, the 2018 Legend GT builds on the legacy of quality and performance customers have come to expect from Prochem.

    Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products for Legend Brands, said, “These upgrades combine the best of Sapphire Scientific engineering with reliability of Prochem to re-create the Legend GT.”

    The all-aluminum frame resists corrosion and provides better vibration dampening than the steel frame used in previous models. The upgraded drive belt delivers improved durability and superior stretch resistance, resulting in less frequent belt tension adjustment and extended durability. These belts are made of the same material used for automobile engine timing belts, which are designed to operate in high temps for long periods of time without stretching or degrading.

    The Legend GT also features the single-pass tube heat exchanger originally developed for Sapphire truckmounts. “The Sapphire heat exchanger is much less prone to freeze damage and is much less likely to clog from carbon buildup,” said Wilson. “This further reduces downtime and maintenance costs.”

    Because truckmounts are usually operated inside vehicles, airflow to the engine may not always be ideal. The manufacturer-installed oil cooler on the unit's 23 HP Kohler gasoline engine provides added protection.

    The 2018 model is equipped with the same reliable Gardner Denver 4MVL positive displacement blower and 1200 psi General water pump used on earlier models. 

    The 2018 Legend GT is sold and serviced by the industry’s largest network of North American distributors. To learn more, visit

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  • Sapphire Scientific has just released the 2018 model of its highly successful 370SS truckmount.
    Glen Wilson, Vice President and General Manager of Cleaning Products, said "We know that for many cleaning operators, their vehicle is critical to their customer’s first impression. It's their primary advertisement. A vehicle that is loaded with the hot-looking 370 is going to be impressive when they roll up to the customer's door." 

    With racing-inspired details, the 370 features a new bezel with carbon-fiber styling. The bezel’s backlit gauges, switches and controls deliver easy use even in dim lighting plus dramatic curb appeal. 

    The 2018 model is built with the same proven powerplant and blower combination that has made the 370 one of the industry’s best-selling truckmounts. Its patented heat exchange system produces consistent hot water, and its narrow footprint make it ideal in today's smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. 

    "The 2018 370 delivers everything that made this machine so successful," said Wilson. "And now with its new look, it's going to ensure cleaners’ professionalism and quality stand out in a competitive market. 

    To learn more, visit 

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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (September 27, 2017) – Casey Trimble has joined Legend Brands as National Account Manager for the company's growing network of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) customers. 

    "I am excited to have Casey join our team. Her customer-centric approach will help our partners grow their sales in the categories we serve,” said Jim Hassi, Legend Brands Director of Strategic Accounts.

    Trimble has 14+ years of sales and account management experience, including five years specializing in working with HVAC manufacturers while at electrical compliance firm Intertek. 

    As a first priority, Trimble plans to focus on fast, focused and productive communication. Trimble said, "Customers need somebody to cut through the noise and actually help them solve problems." Trimble will travel extensively to support her clients, as she prefers in-person contact wherever possible. "You can't really read customers’ needs in an email," she said. 

    Legend Brands provides a full range of equipment, products and professional training with a focus on humidity control, first-response for floods, odor control, mold remediation, professional cleaning and indoor air quality. 

    Trimble will be based in Portland. 

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  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (September 5, 2017) – Legend Brands is showcasing the game-changing new HVE Large Loss extractor system at this week’s The Experience show in Las Vegas. Even more important, the HVE-LL is on the ground in Houston, Tex., ready for flood recovery after damages from Hurricane Harvey.

    Purpose-engineered for large-scale flood losses, the HVE-LL is a completely self-powered turnkey extraction system for forklifting into a pickup, box van, trailer, container or pod for fast transport to the jobsite. Once on site, the unit can be ready to run in 30 minutes or less. 

    "This unit brings true transport convenience and ease of use to large loss extraction," said Dennis Bruders, V.P. of Marketing for Legend Brands. "Operators get huge extraction capacity without permanently tying up a vehicle." 

    The HVE-LL Large Loss is completely self-contained with the same tried-and-tested commercial-grade components used in Legend Brands truckmounts. In addition, the unit is equipped with everything else needed – reels for vacuum and pumpout hose storage, an extraction wand, a locking tool storage box, a prefilter with a stainless steel screen, and a 12-gallon fuel tank. An included 12-foot fuel line extension kit allows for use of an off-platform fuel tank when necessary. 

    Front panel controls are simple and intuitive and the unit is easy to maintain. With no high-pressure water pump system, no pump winterizing is required, and an outward-facing impeller-style pump simplifies pump servicing. Both sides of the engine are easily accessible for oil and air filter changes, and a battery shut-off helps to preserve battery charge between uses. 

    The HVE-LL can be stored and shipped in a container or pod and is designed to fit inside a standard 8-foot pickup bed. The powder-coated steel platform features adjustable-height legs for flexible application – even on uneven ground. 

    Bruders notes that HVE-LL units can be delivered and put to work "virtually anywhere a cargo pod can be set down," making them ideal for flood pumping in areas where roads are impassable, as was often the case in the recent flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. 

    For more information, visit

    About Legend Brands 
    Legend Brands combines over 185 years of experience in providing equipment, accessories and chemicals for professional cleaning, facility maintenance, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation. 
    (Article 1213)
  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (August 9, 2017) – With adjustable high volume airflow and a unique noise-reduction fan blade design, the new Stealth™ AV3000 axial fan delivers powerful ventilation and drying for carpets, walls and structural materials. The new Dri-Eaz video on the Stealth demonstrates its versatility on the job:

    "Many imported units don’t last or can create safety risks. The Stealth brings proven Dri-Eaz engineering and build quality to an extremely versatile axial,” said Jim Hassi, Legend Brands Director of Strategic Accounts. 
    Manufactured in Legend Brands’ plant in Burlington, Wash., the Stealth was built for the toughest conditions, and its rotomolded housing carries a limited lifetime warranty. 

    Users can direct air anywhere with the unit’s integrated powder-coated steel stand and easy-adjust angle with 320 degrees of rotation. Light and easy to carry, the Stealth stacks securely for transport on a standard handtruck.

    The Stealth’s special fan blades with tooth-like structures enhance airflow while reducing the noise level significantly, especially at higher frequencies. Its variable speed control adjusts fan speed for high-intensity airflow or low-noise operation in occupied spaces. 

    The Stealth's low amp draw – only 2.7 amps – and convenience outlet allow operators to daisy-chain up to four units on a single 15-amp circuit. With 2600 CFM tested output per unit, users can achieve up to 7800 CFM on a single 15-amp circuit. "This gives operators the air movement they need to work efficiently – whether that's ventilating a large area or drying carpet or structural materials," said Hassi. 

    Legend Brands engineers also designed the Stealth is to be easy to clean, store and maintain. The Stealth can be disassembled for cleaning in five minutes or less. Technicians remove four screws and lift off the housing for complete access to the motor and fan assembly for vacuuming or a quick wipe-down. The unit stacks securely up to five high to save space in vehicles and storage areas.

    Learn more about the Stealth here. The Stealth AV3000 (F568) retails for $445 at Legend Brands distributors. 

    About Legend Brands 
    Legend Brands combines over 185 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing equipment, accessories, and chemicals for professional cleaning, facility maintenance, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation. 

    (Article 1212)
  • BURLINGTON, Wash. (March 14, 2017) – Legend Brands and Next Gear Solutions are now partnering to advance the use of DryTrack field documentation software in the cleaning and restoration Industry. Through this partnership, DryTrack field documentation software by Next Gear replaces Dri-Plan, a software platform managed by Legend Brands.

    “DryTrack shares the original vision for Dri-Plan – the interface and field data collection system is focused on the needs of the technician,” said Brandon Burton, Legend Brands Technical Director. “We are excited about this new direction, as Next Gear and their range of software solutions represent the same quality and contractor-focused features that we build into our products here at Legend Brands. It’s a great fit.”

    Legend Brands will also integrate DryTrack into hands-on Restoration Sciences Academy training classes, allowing students to understand and use digital documentation while restoring an actual water damage.

    “As the leader in restoration education, Legend Brands provides Next Gear Solutions with the best platform and partnership to reach this industry with contractor-focused solutions in its RSA classes,” said Garret Gray, CEO of Next Gear Solutions. “By equipping contractors with world-class training, supported by industry leading technology we believe that this collaboration will be very positive for the restoration industry.”

    About Legend Brands and RSA Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA) is a part of Legend Brands, which combines over 185 years of experience in providing equipment, accessories and chemicals for professional cleaning, facility maintenance, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation. RSA provides real-world restoration training in dynamic and engaging learning environments taught by industry experts.

    About Next Gear Next Gear Solutions, based in Oxford, MS, was formed in 2008 to address the lack of job and workflow management software solutions in the restoration industry and launched their first software, DASH, in 2009. Next Gear’s software suite has grown to include franchise and insurance solutions, as well as options for home and business owners with losses. Next Gear is passionate about their proven solutions for the restoration industry and about their people and internal culture.
    (Article 1211)
  • June 23, 2016. Burlington, Wash. Three new account managers, BJ Dubas, Daniel Gibart and Ron Britton join veteran account manager Michael Redd to form one of the strongest Legend Brands account support teams in the industry.

    Dan Gibart worked at Rotovac for 15 years as a sales manager after running his own cleaning and restoration business in Redmond, Wash. He said, "I'm totally excited to join the A team here." Dan will be based in Phoenix.

    BJ Dubas joins Legend Brands from Interlink Supply where he was an outside sales manager for 8 years. He has over 20 years of sales experience in the restoration and cleaning industry. As BJ noted, "I'm really excited to be on board with this great team. I can't wait to meet everyone in my region so we can get started on our sales strategies." Dubas is based in Omaha, Nebr.

    Ron Britton started with Legend Brands in 2015 as Director of Cleaning Products. Britton became part of the industry in 2007 when he joined Turbo Force International/The Masters Touch (TMT) to work with their distributors worldwide.

    Current account manager Michael Redd has over 15 years of sales and account management experience, including 8 years as project manager and continuing education instructor. Redd came to Legend Brands in 2013.

    Account manager Ben Damiani will focus on rental customers in the U.S. and Canada, and Rick Aranda will continue to support truckmount and cleaning equipment customers.

    Director of Sales Dorrel Allsop said, "We're excited about what they each bring to Legend Brands – they represent an amazing pool of knowledge and expertise to help our customers grow their business." 

    (Article 1210)
  • With the addition of a second classroom, Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA) can now host 70 students at one time at its training facilities in Nashville, Tenn. This facility can now offer the complete roster of RSA’s certification courses, including carpet cleaning, estimating, mold remediation, fire/odor and water restoration courses.

    The new classroom seats 24 students and includes a hands-on hard surface area to demonstrate cleaning techniques as well as a containment area.

    RSA's new classroom space and specialty training areas will give RSA the ability to offer specialized courses such as Carpet Repair and Reinstallation, Color Repair, and Health and Safety, all of which are required to achieve master certification through the IICRC. Until now, these courses have only occasionally been offered anywhere in North America.

    This addition complements a 400 sq. ft. expansion completed in 2012, which includes a smoke simulation room and a floor care simulator area with natural and engineered stone flooring. 
    RSA provides free transportation for participants between the airport, the training facility and their accommodations. 

    Kevin Fisher, Legend Brands Education Manager, said, “So many years of effort have gone into fulfilling Jim Myers’ vision of education. I think he really saw what education in this industry could be, and now we have the ability to make those dreams a reality in Nashville. To be here on campus with so many classes going on is incredible. The energy, networking, fun – it just can’t be beat!”

    The Nashville RSA is called the James C. Myers Education Center, as Meyers was instrumental in establishing the campus in 2003 to make RSA classes easily accessible in the eastern U.S. As Customer Service Manager, Education Manager and Product Development Manager during his time at Dri-Eaz, Myers knew well the importance of education in advancing the cleaning and restoration industry.

    RSA course descriptions and the complete schedule are available at  

    (Article 1209)
  • ProRestore's new ElectroGen 2000C represents a significant step forward in convenience and efficiency for portable fogging devices. Designed specifically for odor control, the new ElectroGen 2000C produces the extremely fine fog droplets needed for complete deodorization of smoke-damaged environments, trauma scenes, automobile interiors, and other situations with challenging malodors. 

    At only 11 lbs., ProRestore's new ElectroGen 2000C is significantly smaller and lighter than previous models. When working in smaller spaces such as crawlspaces, attics, automobiles or other cramped areas, the ElectroGen 2000C is much more convenient to maneuver and operate.

    The 2000C uses a powerful 900 watt heater to produce up to 5000 cu. ft. of deodorizing fog per minute. This will make quick work of deodorizing larger spaces 

    Unlike other portable fogger units, the 2000C does not require priming. Operators just refill the built-in container with water-based Unsmoke™ Thermo-2000 and switch it on to resume. Unsmoke's Thermo-2000 product line includes a variety of scents to tackle even the most complex odor control situations.

    "This unit will make a great addition to the restorer's tool kit," said Bill Weigand, Director of Restoration Chemicals. "The ease of operation and excellent fogging performance will make it much easier to knock down orders quickly and effectively."

    For more information visit 

    (Article 1208)
  • The Sapphire Scientific® 570 truckmount has earned the Carpet and Rug Institute Gold Seal of Approval. Gold Level certification indicates the highest level of extraction performance. The 570 joins Sapphire’s 370 Truckmount in winning this honor.

    According to CRI’s Seal of Approval testing program, the 570 was tested for soil extraction performance, residual moisture and surface appearance change. In all categories the 570 exceeded expectations to obtain the CRI Gold rating.

    “CRI’s gold approval confirms what our customers have known about the 570 for a long time,” said Ron Britton, Director of Cleaning Equipment at Legend Brands. “The 570 truckmount delivers world-class cleaning and represents a tremendous value.” 

    The 570 was introduced in June 2010 as Sapphire’s first truckmount to incorporate a liquid-cooled powerplant – the 31 HP Kubota 972 three-cylinder gasoline engine. Water-cooled engines typically provide greater longevity, a real bonus for high-volume cleaning operations. The Kubota is coupled to the Gardner Denver HF408 Helical Tri-Lobe vacuum blower, which employs helix-shaped lobes instead of straight lobes. This substantially reduces vibration, the primary cause of truckmount failure.

    To provide the high steady heat that restorers need for successful cleaning, Sapphire paired a tube-and-shell heat exchanger with Sapphire’s patent-pending Thermal Well system. This setup extracts heat from three sources: the engine exhaust, engine coolant and from the blower. This system keeps the engine and blower cooler, helping to extend component life, and produces the hottest water of any comparable system. 

    The 570 is one of the six slide-in truckmounts in the Sapphire truckmount lineup, including the 370, the 460, 870, 2500HS, and the Rage, as well as the Pro-1200SE Direct Drive unit and the 3500 and 4500 Big Gulp extraction-only truckmounts. 

    For more information about the 570 truckmount, visit

    (Article 1207)
  • Professional cleaners now have a better option for high-performance cleaning when a truckmount isn’t feasible – a new line of VersaClean portables with significant advantages over competitive units. 

    Legend Brands engineers optimized the units’ CFM for better recovery and to operate easily within the limits of 15-amp circuits. VersaClean portables use the best vacuum motor for long-lasting reliability. And they are more compact and balanced, which makes them much easier to move and fit into any van.

    The VersaClean lineup includes two 200 PSI models and two 500 PSI models that are ideal for carpet cleaning and an adjustable high pressure unit for multiple surface cleaning called the 1200MS. 

    All portable models are being built at the Dri-Eaz plant in Burlington, Wash., long known for being the industry’s quality manufacturing leader.

    The units incorporate the high quality Ametek Lamb 6.6-inch fan diameter dual-stage vacuum motor. This larger vacuum fan provides greater extraction capability for cleaner and drier surfaces. 

    A recessed side-mounted control panel helps keep water away from sensitive electrical switches. An integrated hose wrap with carpet wand holder makes for easier transport and set up.

    The 1200MS multi-surface cleaning unit offers adjustable pressure plus auto-fill and auto-pumpout functions, making it ideal for continuous cleaning on all surfaces including carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces. 

    The 1200MS also includes the industrial-grade General three-piston ceramic reciprocating pump. With proper maintenance, this extended-duty pump does not need rebuilding or replacement for 2000¬3000 hours.

    “We’re excited to add this line of portables,” said Bob Kline, VP of Product Management for Legend Brands. “They will dramatically expand business opportunities for our customers.”

    Visit for more details. 

    (Article 1206)
  • Chemspec’s new traffic lane cleaner breaks all the rules – its cleaning performance beats existing products, yet it’s pH neutral and contains no VOCs – which means it can be sold in all 50 states. Express Lane 2.0 is unique in its capability to remove soils safely from all of today’s carpet fibers – including the latest fifth generation carpets – without the use of harsh solvents.

    The product contains no butyls, glycol ethers and no phosphates, and it features a neutral pH of 7.3. Extensive testing and early customer feedback show that Express Lane 2.0 delivers superior cleaning on all types of carpets in everyday residential and commercial soiling conditions. 

    Pat Muller, Cleaning Chemicals Technical Specialist for Legend Brands, notes that “Most of today's most popular pre-sprays rely on butyls, glycol ethers, phosphates, D-limonene and mineral spirits. These cleaning boosters have been the mainstay for most cleaning formulations for many years, but it’s just a matter of time until they all come under regulatory fire.” 

    “At least 16 states have already implemented tough VOC compliant regulations,” continued Muller. “Butyl is already in the EPA’s SARA 313 Toxic Release Inventory Reporting Requirements.” 

    Express Lane 2.0 is available for sale in all 50 states, including California. California has the most stringent VOC and regulations in the U.S. 

    Express Lane 2.0 is CRI-certified and is safe for stain-resistant nylon. It will not cause yellowing, browning or bleed colors – and will not damage waxes, wood floors or painted surfaces. The product has no odor, is fully biodegradable, and does not contain ingredients commonly known to cause allergies.
    Express Lane 2.0’s unique formulation was developed in Legend Brands’ new Research and Development Lab. It is available exclusively through Chemspec. 

    Express Lane 2.0 is sold in 1 gallon (3.8 L) bottles at all Legend Brands distributors that carry Chemspec products. 

    (Article 1205)
  • Legend Brands has released a mobile app that allows participants in the Legend Rewards loyalty program to register points, view account balances and shop the extensive Legend Rewards online catalog. 

    The free app is available both for Apple and Android mobile devices. Customers can access links to the Apple and Android versions at, or go to the Apple Store or Google Play and search for “Legend Rewards.”

    The app allows users to check point balances, register new point certificates, and browse and redeem points for rewards merchandise on the online Rewards catalog. The Legend Rewards catalog contains over one million items, including electronics, tools, travel packages and Legend Brands equipment and chemicals. 

    Legend Rewards certificates are included in Dri-Eaz, Chemspec, ProRestore and Sapphire Scientific product boxes. Points for Sapphire Scientific® truckmounts are awarded after the purchase is registered at

    The Legend Rewards app also allows users to scan the bar code of an item they see in stores such as Best Buy. The system will confirm whether that particular item is available in the Rewards catalog. Some vendors can even arrange in-store pickup of the item. 

    The app also delivers app-only promotion announcements and news about Legend Rewards and Legend Brands products that makes it particularly valuable to Legend Brands customers.

    Legend Rewards is the only customer rewards program offered by a manufacturer specifically for the restoration industry. Originally launched in 2009, Legend Rewards now has 10,000 members who have redeemed over 111 million reward points. 

    (Article 1204)
  • July 22, 2015. Burlington, Wash. The Carpet and Rug Institute has granted Sapphire’s 370 truckmount the Gold CRI Seal of Approval. Gold Level certification indicates the highest level of extraction performance. 

    Per its Seal of Approval testing program, CRI tested the 370 both in the restoration mode and in the low-moisture mode. 

    “This is an important industry recognition of what our customers have known for a long time,” said Ron Britton, Director of Cleaning Products at Legend Brands. “The 370 truckmount delivers world-class cleaning and represents a tremendous value.” 

    Britton added, "When looking for a superior truckmount, you want the best quality components with a high-performing heat source. Our patented heat exchange system not only heats water to an optimal temperature for cleaning, but also maintains a consistent temperature from start to finish.”

    CRI’s test procedure utilizes x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy to accurately measure the amount of specific test substances left in the carpet after extraction. XRF is a recognized by the Space Foundation ( as a “space technology.”
    “The 370 is proof that you don't have to spend a ton of money to get an exceptionally built, single wand truckmount,” notes Britton. “The CRI Gold Seal of Approval confirms that! 

    The 370 was introduced by Sapphire in 2009 and rapidly became one of the industry’s best-selling truckmounts for its superior performance with a streamlined footprint. For more information, go to

    (Article 1203)
  • Starting July 1, all IICRC Water Restoration Technician courses taught by the Restoration Sciences Academy made have a Spanish language workbook available to students.

    Students receive the English language Complete Guide to Cleaning and Restoration as part of their course registration and can now also receive a Spanish language student workbook at no extra charge. Combined with the Spanish language WRT exam available at the end of the course, these new materials will give many more technicians better access to professional certification.

    RSA Education Manager Kevin Fisher said, “We are really looking forward to providing this new material to our bilingual Spanish- and English-speaking customers. We’ve seen so many great technicians come through our programs over the years who really know restoration but struggled with the material and exam because it wasn’t in their native language. Now we can help those folks achieve the level of certification they truly deserve.”

    RSA published the English version of the 600-page Complete Guide to Cleaning and Restoration in 2014. A copy of the book is provided to every participant in RSA’s restorative drying, fire restoration and mold remediation courses. Every RSA course is represented in the book, including water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, odor control, microbial remediation, trauma scene cleanup, upholstery and fabric cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

    (Article 1202)
  • For their participation in the recent Cleanfax Restoration Benchmarking Survey, three people were selected to receive a case of BotaniClean® antimicrobial cleaner and a Velo™ Pro airmover.

    The winners include Chris Jeter of A-Town/Hi-Tech LP in Abilene, Tex., Steven Hirmer of Signature Cleaners in Naperville, Ill., and Scott Powell of Classic Fire and Water Restoration in Mesa, Ariz.

    Earlier this year Cleanfax surveyed over 200 restoration professionals to assess the most common business practices among restoration companies. See the full results here.

    When notified about his airmover prize, Chris Jeter said, “It’s exciting to try the Velo Pro airmover. I’ve heard a lot about it.”

    Steve Hirmer is familiar with Legend Brands products but hadn’t had a chance to use Microban BotaniClean. “Getting a case of BotaniClean is super. I’ve wanted to try it out and now I can.”

    Scott Powell is a strong supporter for all Legend Brands products. “I can’t believe I won a Velo Pro! Can’t wait to get it.”

    Legend Brands also sent each survey respondent a 500-point Legend Rewards certificate, so they could join the 9700 cleaning and restoration companies in banking rewards from their Legend Brands purchases.

    Both Cleanfax and Legend Brands regularly conduct surveys to assess and analyze the restorative drying business climate and customer interest in new products and emerging technologies. 

    (Article 1201)
  • Legend Brands has just released version 4.0 of Dri-Plan, its popular mobile job documentation system. 

    Dri-Plan offers a simple, flexible, and secure field documentation tool for water damage restoration professionals. The mobile app – and the website ( that synchs with it – is designed by restoration experts to enhance adjuster and third party contractor communication, speed data entry and provide tools for instant review of project status and results. Dri Plan is now available for the Apple iPad and iPhone on the Apple Store.

    “Dri-Plan streamlines water damage mitigation documentation,” said Brandon Burton, Technical Director at Legend Brands. “Technicians can use the data they collect to build dynamic and detailed documentation.” Job site photographs can be pinned right to the reports, and technicians can add an unlimited number of notes to ensure complete job record keeping.

    Release 4.0 includes a substantially more robust data synchronization system to ensure user data is securely backed up and available for report generation. A variety of user interface updates are designed to take full advantage of the Apple iOS 8.0 update. Specifics include time -saving features like a button to instantly adjust all wall measurements in the room, increased tap area for icons throughout, and a new edit feature for renaming and removing rooms, zones and floors from the map.

    The Dri-Plan website has also been revamped, with an improved user interface and a new, easier-to-use report layouts. The team has also added an all-new “Atmospheric” report, which can be used to present humidity, temperature and other psychrometric data for a project. 

    With the 4.0 release, the Dri-Plan team has laid the groundwork to introduce a variety of additional improvements later this year. “Version 4.0 is a foundational update,” notes Burton. “We are already working on further improvements to workflow, interface design and website improvements.” 

    The Dri Plan service costs much less than other job monitoring applications. Creating an account incurs a one-time setup fee of $200 per office location, and just $25 per month for each user. Learn more about Dri-Plan here. 

    (Article 1200)
  • Bill Weigand, long-time Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA) cleaning and restoration instructor, is now Director of Restoration Chemicals for Legend Brands. 

    During his 35 years in the restoration industry, Weigand has helped develop Unsmoke, ODORx and Microban chemicals and industry standard procedures and has worked for many years as an RSA instructor. 
    Weigand originally joined Unsmoke in 1988 as General Manager of its service company, and in 1992 he was promoted to General Manager of Training and Technical Support for Unsmoke Systems. He has often worked on disaster restoration projects throughout North America and the Caribbean, using and reinforcing his deep knowledge of fire, smoke and water damage restoration. 

    ”As Director of Restoration Chemicals, Bill’s experience and expertise will directly benefit our customers,” said Robert Kline, Executive VP of Product Management for Legend Brands. “Not only does he know the processes and chemistries of restoration inside and out, he is also a skilled product manager. He understands the challenges our customers face and knows how to achieve superior results on restoration jobs.” 
    Weigand has overall responsibility for Legend Brands restoration chemicals, including Dri-Eaz Milgo products and ProRestore Unsmoke, ODORx and Microban brands. 

    Bill is an instructor for the Restoration Industry Association’s Certified Restoration Course as well as several courses for the IICRC. He has trained several thousand students for the IICRC. Bill holds multiple designations with the IICRC as well as the Restoration Industry Association and Indoor Air Quality Association.

    (Article 1199)

  • May 12, 2015. Prescott, Ariz. As the industry’s hottest van-powered direct-drive truckmount, the all-new Pro-1200 SE combines two engine coolant heat exchangers with Sapphire Scientific’s exclusive fin-tubed coil blower exhaust heat exchanger. This triple combination delivers continuous heat up to 220 degrees, eliminating the need for expensive add-on heaters required by many other manufacturers.

    “One of the main things that sets us apart from the competition is our innovative heat exchange system, “said Ron Britton, Director of Cleaning Products at Legend Brands. “We have taken the same fin tubing that we use in our current Sapphire slide in models and incorporated it into the Pro-1200SE. It is proven design that works, is efficient and generates a lot of heat!”

    The unit also operates more quietly. The unique Gardner Denver 408 HeliFlow blower is equipped with specially-designed helical lobes that reduce noise and vibration while delivering a powerful vacuum at 13 in. and flows up to 500 CFM.

    In addition, operators can expect a long service life from the General Emperor HTS2016S high pressure pump, which is fitted with high temperature seals. The General Emperor provides up to 1200 PSI for dual-wand cleaning.
    Sapphire engineers designed a completely new driveline. The component includes a U-joint fitted with high temperature grease and seals as well as an easy-access grease fitting to simplify maintenance. The driveline also features a modular front end kit designed to simplify installation.

    Altogether, the Pro-1200SE is a clean and simple design focused on performance, durability and serviceability. Sapphire supports the customer’s investment with an industry-exclusive 3-year parts and labor warranty. The Pro-1200 SE retails for $22,950. 

    Additional information is available at

    (Article 1198)
  • Legend Brands has created a new product management team that provides enhanced technical support, product training and business development for Legend Brands distributors and customers. 

    Executive Vice President of Products Bob Kline heads the group, and team members include John Otero, Director of Restoration Products; Don Snider, Director of Chemical Products; Ron Britton, Director of Cleaning Products; and Werner Buchman, Director of Chemical R&D. 

    To round out the team, Legend Brands product specialists ensure prompt, expert assistance related to truckmounts, drying equipment and chemical solutions. Specialists include Rick Aranda, Bryan Thompson, Thom Fielding, Darren Hudema, Pat Muller, Gary Polyoka, and Mike Kerner.

    Legend Brands product management experts team up with the sales account managers, headed by Dorrel Allsop, Director of Sales. Like the product management team, the sales group is now ready to help customers with all Legend Brands products. The sales team includes Account Managers Mike Redd, Mike Ellis, Justin Brinkley, Ben Damiani, and Darren Watts.

    Legend Brands Director of Strategic Accounts Jim Hassi now oversees strategic account activities. Brad Guth continues as Account Manager for Maintenance/Repair/Operations distributors, and as ProRestore Products National Sales Manager, Richard Price continues working with Microban, Unsmoke and ODORx distributors. 

    For customers outside the U.S. and Canada, Director of International Business Steve Fane manages all Legend Brands' activities. 

    John Ormsby, Legend Brands Chief Revenue Officer, said, “We're excited about the changes and believe that customers will be also when they see how our powerful new team is poised to support customers at an all-new level.”

    (Article 1197)
  • This winter’s snowstorms and icy blasts have wreaked havoc for many property owners, even in southern states that are sometimes spared the worst of winter storms. The Dri-Eaz® DriTec desiccant now provides a solution for restorers struggling to dry buildings in less-than-ideal conditions. The DriTec produces very dry air in cold environments, outperforming LGRs and traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers by a significant margin.

    The extremely dry air produced by the DriTec makes it especially valuable for drying dense materials like hardwoods, plaster and concrete.

    The unit can also help maintain drying rates on the second half of restorative drying jobs, when traditional LGR dehumidifiers typically pull less water as the humidity decreases.

    “When humidity drops below 30 or 40%, the performance of refrigerant dehumidifiers really starts to flatten out,” notes Brandon Burton, Director of Technical Training. “This reduced performance can easily add a day or two to the drying process. Restorers can greatly benefit from adding the DriTec to their drying system.”

    The DriTec is highly compact, making it easy to include on the truck – it’s one-third smaller than other portable desiccants and it can fit in the same space as an LGR dehumidifier.

    One of the DriTec’s unique features is its dual thermostat control, which allows the user to set both a maximum and minimum humidity setpoint. “There’s a strong perception in the market that desiccants can dry materials like hardwoods too quickly and cause damage,” notes John Otero, Director of Restoration Products. “By allowing the customer to control both minimum and maximum setpoints, the DriTec’s humidistat system will help eliminate this concern.”

    The unit’s intelligent controls use internal sensors to monitor system operations and optimize performance in all conditions. The control also displays real-time temperature and relative humidity information, and – an industry first – it displays an average 24-hour water removal rate. For more information, visit
    (Article 1196)
  • Legend Brands engineers designed the new Dri-Eaz Dragon® 3600 indirect-fired furnace for restoration industry – and to be the highest quality, most reliable and easiest to operate heater yet.  

    A 32 gal. fuel tank offers an extended run time – 35-38 hours of continuous operation on a single tank. That means restorers don’t have to worry about fuel running out overnight. “While we always recommend checking on drying jobs once a day,” said Brandon Burton, Legend Brands Technical Director, “restorers can count on the Dragon to deliver consistent, dependable heat throughout the drying process.” 

    To achieve the extended runtime, engineers fit the unit with a 32-gallon TIG-welded aluminum tank and fine-tuned the burner housing and heat exchanger to achieve an impressive .8 gal. per hour fuel consumption rate. 

    Many competitive heaters use aluminized steel for internal components which can rust due to thermal cycling, wet climates and the corrosive effectives of exhaust gasses. In contrast, the Dragon is quality-built in Legend Brands’ Prescott, Ariz., plant with a high-quality Beckett burner and a corrosion-resistant TIG-welded stainless combustion chamber and heat exchanger.

    The Dragon also features several “extras” not found on other heaters: an easy-to-adjust external shutter for altitude adjustments and a nozzle heater for sure-fire cold weather startup. A weather guard keeps rain and snow out of the burner, and an external sight gauge helps with tracking fuel consumption. 

    The Dragon uses a standard, externally-mounted spin-on fuel filter for quick access. Replacement filters are easily purchased at most auto parts stores. The fuel tank is fitted with a drain plug, making periodic tank cleanings a snap. 

    The Dragon generates 120,000 BTUs of heat, 680 CFM and 145°F (63°C) temperature rise with the
    weather guard installed, or 120°F (49°C) of temperature rise and 780 CFM without the weather guard.
    More information about the Dragon is available at

    (Article 1195)
  • Ron Britton has joined the Legend Brands family of companies as Director of Cleaning Products. He is responsible for managing the equipment product lines for Sapphire Scientific and VersaClean.

    Britton’s first exposure to the professional cleaning equipment industry was in 2007, when Britton started with Turbo Force International/The Masters Touch (TMT). “I knew within six months that this was the industry to which I wanted to devote the rest of my career,” said Britton. His primary focus at Turbo Force/TMT was to work with distributors worldwide, developing products from concept to implementation and growing the business. Prior to 2007, Britton owned his own business and worked in the automotive retail market.

    Britton got first-hand exposure to Sapphire Scientific® truckmounts and accessories in 2010, when TMT began selling Sapphire’s hard surface cleaning truckmount, the 2500HS. In 2013, TMT added 870 truckmounts to their line.

    “Ron brings a wealth of experience to Legend Brands,” said Bob Kline, Executive VP of Product Management. “He has worked in all aspects of the business including training, technical support, inventory control, purchasing, logistics and team building. He will add tremendous value to the organization through his professional business acumen in product development and product management.”

    Britton looks forward to helping more cleaners benefit from Legend Brands’ products and services. “Every day is an opportunity to change someone's life. I feel this industry gives us the opportunity to do so!”

    Britton is based in the Legend Brands offices in Phoenix.
    (Article 1194)
  • February 6, 2015 – Prescott, Ariz. –Sapphire Scientific is leading the competition with the introduction of a kit specifically designed to accommodate the installation of Sapphire truckmounts in the Transit van, Ford’s new generation of high efficiency utility vans.

    Available for the Rage, 370, 460 and 570 truckmounts, the kit creates an opportunity for customers to use a high-performance Sapphire truckmounts with the fuel-efficient and easy-to-handle Transit line. Ford’s newest line of utility vans replaces the former “Econoline” model.

    No other truckmount manufacturer provides a kit that addresses Ford’s “no-drill zone” by providing a workable solution as to where to drill safely. The instructions included with the kit provide clear diagrams showing exactly where installers should not drill to avoid damaging the vehicle – and potentially voiding the vehicle warranty.

    “We’ve taken the guesswork out of the installation process,” said Bob Kline, president of Sapphire Scientific. “The kits are convenient, easy to install, and provide plenty of bolt-down points for safety. Plus, there’s just one universal Transit kit, helping to simplify the distributor’s investment.”

    The kit is economically priced and features quality components throughout. It also includes detailed instructions for the distributor. The kit is streamlined, making for a clean, unobtrusive installation. Due to the Transit’s space limitations, the kit cannot accommodate the submount freshwater tank accessory.

    In addition to the Transit kit, Sapphire produces kits for a variety of vehicles commonly used by cleaning companies.

    For questions, contact Sapphire Scientific at 800-932-3030 or email

    (Article 1193)
  • RPM International recently presented Legend Brands with the second annual “2014 Innovation Award.” 
    The award is presented to “honor an RPM company with the entrepreneurial mindset to develop the most innovated new products and services.”

    The award notes that “The focus of [Legend Brands’] innovation is to make its cleaning and restoration equipment more compact, portable, powerful and productive.” 

    The award makes special notice of the Dri-Pod, Revolution LGR, HVE3000 Portable Flood Pumper, Sapphire Scientific truckmounts, and the VersaCarpet VC700. All of these products have been introduced in the last two years and have quickly become top sellers. 

    RPM acquired Legend Brands in September 2011. RPM is a multinational holding company with over 90 subsidiaries that manufacture and market high-performance coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals, primarily for maintenance, repair and improvement applications. 

    RPM industrial companies include Stonhard, Carboline, Tremco, and Flowcrete. Consumer brands include Rust-Oleum, Zinsser, DAP and Wolman. RPM is headquartered in Medina, Ohio. 

    Legend Brands also received special recognition in RPM’s 2014 annual report as one of the best performing companies in the RPM portfolio. 

    Additional information about RPM International is available at

    (Article 1192)
  • Legend Brands has named Don Snider Director of Chemical Products. Snider has over 20 years of industry experience. Most recently, Snider was Director of Sales and Marketing for Chemical Technologies, Inc. 

    Snider will work with Legend Brands distributors to develop chemical product sales across all Legend Brands product lines, including Chemspec, Microban, Unsmoke, ODORx, Milgo and VersaClean. 

    The new position of Director of Chemical Products will strengthen the Legend Brands’ position as a leading provider of chemical solutions for cleaning and restoration. 

    “Don brings tremendous relationships with our existing distributor base,” said Legend Brands CEO Bill Bruders, “and he has strong connections across the industry.”

    When asked about his new position, Snider said, “I'm looking forward to helping the professional cleaners in our industry achieve new levels of success with the fusion of powerful chemistry and innovative education.”

    Snider will be based at the Legend Brand offices in Phoenix, Ariz.

    (Article 1191)
  • The new Dri-Eaz® Dragon indirect-fired furnace outstrips all available heaters with its “no compromises” restoration-focused design and engineering. USA-built in the Legend Brands plant in Prescott, Ariz., the new Dragon offers superior reliability and ease of use and maintenance.

    The Dragon uses only premium components throughout, including a top-of-the-line Becket burner, a TIG-welded aluminum tank and sturdy no-flat wheels. With 120,000 BTUs of heat and 700 tested CFM, the diesel-fired Dragon can produce up to 120°F (49°C) of temperature rise for pure drying power on every job.

    Its onboard 32-gallon tank offers triple the runtimes of other furnaces – up to 36 hours without refueling. The unit is highly mobile, and even when fully fueled, the Dragon rolls up ramps easily on the unit’s ball-bearing semi-pneumatic wide wheels. 

    Other restoration-friendly features include easy altitude adjustment, a nozzle heater for sure-fire cold weather operation, a rain guard to keep moisture out of the burner and intelligent sensor technology for safer operation.

    The Dragon’s indirect-fired design keeps combustion air and exhaust completely separate from the air it heats. With the supplied remote thermostat, the unit helps restorers comply with the “RIA Safe Harbor” clause.

    “Clean dry heat is truly indispensible for efficient drying, and the Dragon should be part of every restorer’s tool set,” said Brandon Burton, Restoration Sciences Academy. 

    More information about the Dragon is available at

    (Article 1190)
  • December 18, 2014 – Burlington, Wash. In honor of their loyal customers who participate in the Legend Rewards program, Legend Brands has just presented a holiday donation to Atlanta Community ToolBank, a charity that loans out tools to nonprofit organizations for community projects in the Atlanta metropolitan region.

    Legend Brands’ gift will be presented by the Atlanta-based company that manages the Legend Rewards program – a highly successful loyalty program in which more than 8,500 Legend Brands purchasers participate.

    Atlanta Community ToolBank maintains an inventory of tools to help charitable organizations in the Atlanta area carry out their service projects. For more than 20 years, organizations have used ToolBank tools – all of which are painted a distinct blue color, to perform brick-and-mortar projects, lot cleanups, park beautifications, and community events of all kinds. For more information about ToolBank, visit

    Operating under the tagline “Tools for Change,” ToolBank hopes to leverage the ability of other non-profits to serve their community more effectively. 

    Legend Brands is proud to partner with ToolBank this holiday season. 

    (Article 1189)
  • October 13, 2014; Burlington, WA – A new virus is now widespread in the U.S. – Enterovirus D68 (EV D68). This respiratory illness is spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes and touches a surface contacted by others. Already this year the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports:

    “From mid-August to October 9, 2014, a total of 678 people in 46 states and the District of Columbia have been confirmed to have respiratory illness caused by EV-D68.”

    A number of these patients required hospitalization due to respiratory distress. EV D68 tends to cause illness among younger people and can be quite serious for children with allergies. Adults can contract the disease but usually have milder symptoms.

    A great deal of useful information is found at the CDC website. You can search for local statistics by typing “Entovirus D68” and your state into a search engine.

    The primary means of preventing transmission is to practice thorough and frequent hand washing. While the cleaning industry can do little to impact the public’s diligence to cover coughs and sneezes or to enforce hand washing practices, the industry can support healthier indoor environments by using suitable products to treat high-contact surfaces and those potentially contaminated.

    Here is guidance from the CDC regarding EV D68 treatment: As EV-D68 is a non-enveloped virus, environmental disinfection of surfaces in healthcare settings should be performed using a hospital-grade disinfectant with an EPA label claim for any of several non-enveloped viruses (e.g. Norovirus, poliovirus, rhinovirus)2.

    While the CDC addresses healthcare settings specifically, buildings in other environments will also benefit from surface disinfection.

    Microban Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate (GCC) is known to be effective against harder-to-kill non-enveloped viruses, such as Norovirus, rotavirus and adenovirus. GCC is a hospital grade, disinfectant, detergent concentrate available in lemon and mint fragrances. A fragrance free version of this product is available as Microban Milgo Plus.

    Microban BotaniClean is a one-step cleaner and hospital-grade disinfectant that kills rotavirus.

    1. -
    2. -

    About ProRestore
    Microban is one of three well-known ProRestore™ Products brands – Microban, Unsmoke and OdorX – that are part of Legend Brands, a family of companies that combines over 185 years of experience in manufacturing equipment, accessories and chemicals for professional cleaning, portable environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration and remediation. Legend Brands includes Dri-Eaz, ProRestore, Sapphire Scientific and Chemspec.
    (Article 1188)
  • October 8, 2014, Burlington, WA -- People are getting nervous about the Ebola epidemic in Africa, especially as it lands in the US. This nervousness leads to thoughts about what precautions will reduce the probability of transmission and what disinfectants may be effective. 

    Some product manufacturers have made untested claims to their products’ assumed effectiveness against the Ebola virus.  True testing requires the acquisition of the virus which currently represents a problem for several reasons.  

    Here’s the official word from the Centers for Disease Control website:

    “There are no disinfection products with specific label claims against the Ebola virus. Enveloped viruses such as Ebola are susceptible to a broad range of hospital disinfectants used to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. In contrast, non-enveloped viruses are more resistant to disinfectants. As an added precaution, use a disinfectant with a higher potency than what is normally required for an enveloped virus to disinfect potentially Ebola-contaminated surfaces. EPA-registered hospital disinfectants with label claims against non-enveloped viruses (e.g., norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus) are broadly antiviral and capable of inactivating both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.” (Reference: Centers for Disease Control)

    Microban Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate (GCC) is known to be effective against harder-to-kill non-enveloped viruses, such as norovirus, rotavirus and adenovirus. GCC is a hospital grade, disinfectant, detergent concentrate available in lemon and mint fragrances. 

    Microban BotaniClean is a one-step cleaner and hospital-grade disinfectant that kills rotavirus. 
    It is always a good practice to use a general purpose cleaner to remove the majority of the body fluid spills. In some cases, the patient experiences extreme vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding so large amounts of fluids have to be removed. Unsmoke™ DegreaseAll is extremely effective at blood removal. Once the surface is visibly clean, then disinfection with Microban GCC is the final step.

    Beyond disinfectant use, should an Ebola decontamination become necessary, get expert help and use extreme precautions and full PPE. 

    (Article 1187)
  • August 5, 2014 – Burlington, Wash. On-the-go professionals can now take online restoration and cleaning courses on their iPads. Restoration Sciences Academy has just released the iPad version of its popular, interactive online courses. 

    Now designed for use with iPad web browsers, RSA courses may be purchased for as little at $49 in the RSA Store. 

    RSA Online training covers a wide variety of cleaning and restoration topics, including water and fire damage restoration, microbial remediation, water extraction essentials, rug pre-cleaning inspection, and legal contract and collection issues. 

    “RSA Online courses are dynamic, interactive and easy to understand,” said Brandon Burton, Technical Education Manager for RSA. “Making the courses available on the iPad will give even greater access to this valuable 24/7 teaching tool.” 

    RSA currently offers three brief sample courses for free at Free courses include “Introduction to Fire and Smoke Restoration,” “Introduction to Restorative Drying,” “Introduction to Legal Losses” and “Introduction to Microbial Remediation.” 

    RSA Online courses were developed by the same restoration experts and industry veterans that teach RSA hands-on classes. The specialty legal and business courses are presented by well-known industry experts, such as Attorney Ed Cross and rug-cleaning guru Lisa Wagner. 

    RSA also offers a full schedule of hands-on classroom courses at RSA training centers in Burlington, Wash., Nashville and in the United Kingdom, and at Legend Brands distributors throughout North America. Schedules for the classroom-based courses are available at 

    More information about RSA Online is available at 

    (Article 1186)
  • RSA has now completed "The Complete Guide to Cleaning and Restoration," a comprehensive textbook for its restoration, cleaning and remediation classroom courses. 

    A successor to the "New Guide to Restorative Drying" (2006), the new 600-page full-color book covers all courses offered by RSA. This includes courses in trauma scene cleanup, water restoration and applied structural drying, upholstery cleaning, fire and smoke restoration, odor control, microbial remediation, and carpet cleaning. 

    Extensively peer-reviewed by industry experts before publication, the book will be provided to all paid class participants, a valuable bonus. Participants in the July 31 Trauma Class will be the first to use it, then it will be rolled out to all other RSA classroom courses over the next couple of months.

    “The Complete Guide is a summary of everything we’ve learned in the past 40 years about cleaning, restoring and remediation,” notes Kevin Fisher, Legend Brands Technical Education Manager. “We decided to make the entire book available to every class to show our commitment to the professionalism and growth of our industry.”

    The original restorative drying book, first published by Dri-Eaz in the 1980s, was written by Dri-Eaz Founder Claude Blackburn and Dri-Eaz education staff. In 2006 the book was updated and expanded and quickly became the standard reference for the restorative drying industry. In 2009, Purdue University selected the New Guide to Restorative Drying to be one of the textbooks for its newly established disaster restoration and reconstruction program. 

    “The Complete Guide is the definitive collection of RSA expertise,” says John Ormsby, president of Dri-Eaz Products. “It stands alone as the premier guide for today’s restoration, remediation and cleaning challenges.”

    For more information about The Complete Guide and RSA’s course offerings, visit  

    (Article 1185)
  • Legend Brands has hired John Otero to be Director of Restoration Products for Dri-Eaz. Otero brings his extensive experience in sales and training to this new position managing the Dri-Eaz restoration product line.

    Otero has worked in the cleaning and restoration industry for nearly 25 years - 13 years in the field and 11 years in distribution sales. He was a national sales manager for COIT Services as well as general manager for the Phoenix COIT store, where his efforts helped the franchise earn COIT’s Store of the Year award in 2000.

    Otero’s subsequent work with Interlink Supply in Phoenix earned that store Interlink’s Store of the Year award in 2005. In 2006 he opened a new Interlink Supply store in Tampa, and in 2008 he became National Sales Manager for TES: Directed Heat Drying Systems.

     “We’re pleased to have John join our team,” said John Ormsby, President of Dri-Eaz and ProRestore. “With his extensive experience, he will greatly enhance our commitment to distributors and customers to provide the very best products and training and support their success.”

    Otero is IICRC certified in ASD, CPT, UPH and WRT. In the past two years he has taught over 150 educational seminars to approximately 3000 restorers, insurance agents and adjusters in the United States and Canada.

    Otero will be based in Phoenix.

    (Article 1184)
  • Legend Brands announces the first true technician-friendly and full-featured project documentation application for the water damage restoration industry.   

    Dri-Plan™ release 3.0 adds several features to its mobile job-documentation app that speed data entry and simplify the overall monitoring process. With these innovations, Dri-Plan becomes the industry's most complete and streamlined field monitoring solution. Dri-Plan is now available for the Apple iPad at the Apple Store.

    Users can complete job scope forms, sketch rooms, take project photos, record readings and even record customer signatures all inside one simple, easy to use application. No Internet connection is required, and the system completely eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of re-entering data. 
    Dri-Plan is built around a customizable moisture map that allows the user to plot moisture levels and locations and record the equipment used in each room. Built-in drawing tools and templates let users quickly sketch project diagrams and automatically calculate size and quantity of equipment for each room of the job.

    Dri-Plan users can now analyze drying trends and equipment usage at a glance using the new timeline table. A remote backup feature has also been added to provide additional data security. 

    The Dri-Plan service costs a fraction of the fees charged for competitive job monitoring applications, and no other application offers Dri-Plan’s full-range functionality. Creating an account incurs a one-time setup fee of $200 per office location, and just $21 per month for each user. Learn more about Dri-Plan here. 

    A free trial is available for iPad at the Apple App Store: Users may try out the Dri-Plan iPad app immediately for free by logging in with “Demo” as the username. 

    (Article 1183)
  • Chemspec customers can now earn Legend Rewards for all their Chemspec purchases in addition to rewards for Dri-Eaz, ProRestore and Sapphire Scientific products.

    Starting June 1, each Chemspec case (four one-gallon bottles) includes 400 points in Legend Rewards certificates, and 50-pound pails earn 500 points. The program applies to all Chemspec chemicals. 

    Legend Rewards can be redeemed for electronics, sports equipment, gifts and travel, and much more – the catalog literally contains millions of items, including name brand tools and supplies customers use in their businesses – some for less than 1000 points. Many business owners use Legend Rewards items to recognize exemplary employees. 

    Customers can also redeem points for select Legend Brands equipment and supplies, further extending the value of this program. 

    The point values for Legend Brands products, as well as the complete Legend Rewards catalog, are online at

    When customers first register for the program, they receive 1000 bonus rewards points. Rewards can be accumulated and redeemed any time.

    Originally launched in 2009, the Legend Rewards program by May 2014 had grown to include over 8000 participants and more than 75 million points redeemed. 

    (Article 1182)